Monday, August 10, 2015

Pennsylvania 2015, Part 1


It's been a while.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get back here, to this little space in the middle of outer space, but sure enough, eventually I come back. Since I've got so many great memories to share from our little family vacation this month, I figured I'd get started on that. Also since I know I'll never get through all of them today, I'm just going to start out with a "Part 1". No promises on when if ever "Part 2" shows up...

Anyway, here we go...

As always, we started out with plans to drive for a few hours, and then stop for dinner at Cracker Barrel, however true to Buckman form, we didn't make it out of Sanford before we stopped for dinner...

Eventually we were on the road for real.

We've found that the kids do really well when we drive through the night, so aside from a few gas/potty/coffee stops, we keep moving pretty well.

Coffee the size of my head, it's great for keeping me awake, not great for eliminating frequent stops... On a side note, dude. I LOVE Flying J/Pilot gas stations! They are always so lively, and the employees are super friendly, even at 4am. They are clean and the coffee is always fresh. Three cheers for the Flying J and Pilot!

This year, we added a stop to our Pennsylvania trip, and stayed with wonderful friends in Virginia. Isn't this door lovely? I loved it so much, that I wanted to take it's picture. It smiled at me.

Before I go any further, I think this would be a great place to add a completely awful "we've been friends since..." picture. So here it is: We've been friends with Tim and Amanda (far left) for close to 15 years, since before we were married, since highlights and tanning beds, glasses and crazy faces. Good times!

Anyway... we arrived at their house in the morning, and were greeted by great smiles and hugs and the sweet smell of breakfast! After breakfast, we settled in a bit. The boys played soccer in the cul-de-sac, boys against dads, and the girls sat on the porch and kept score.

Lilly and Amanda made beautiful music together. Lilly played the piano, and Amanda skillfully made up a song to sing as she played. Lilly was amazed.

And Taite slept. He was exhausted from that long ride...

After a bit, we packed lunches and headed to their neighborhood "beach". 
Oh my goodness, what a fun time!

Amanda and I did not venture into the cold water. We claimed "baby duty/lunch duty/selfie duty"...

That evening, after bird watching and homemade pop-cycles, we went to chick-fil-a for dinner.

 And then, the next morning, after another great breakfast, we hit the road again, Pennsylvania bound! They we are!

And after a very short drive, we pulled into that familiar, long and beautiful driveway.

That's the main house on the left, and the guest house on the right.

The kids room.

Fresh baked bread and homemade strawberry jam were waiting for us.

And fresh as it gets milk in the fridge. 

We unpacked our things, stocked up on groceries, and reunited with our Amish friends. And then we headed to my grandparents house to meet up with my sister and her family from Denmark, and the rest of my family. We enjoyed a wonderful meal, full of fresh fruit and some Pennsylvania corn on the cob. There really is nothing like Pennsylvania corn.

And then the grandmas read books to the littles. I really wish we had had more time on this trip. I would have loved for my grandma to spend some more time reading to my kids. She has the best reading voice, one I remember just LOVING to sit and listen to.

That night we went back to the farmhouse and settled in. It is such a blessing to be able to stay with my sister and her family, and have that extended time together. The cousins all get along so well, and just really love being together.

The next morning, bright and early, everyone was outside, ready for adventure.  Behind the fields in the back of the house runs a creek. And oh! The fun that some kids can have at that creek!

My brother-in-law, Jens took some of my very favorite pictures from our trip. The following is one of them. Something about it just makes me want to print it and frame it. Isn't it so gorgeous?

Well that was the first few days of our trip. Part Two through Ten is going to have to wait for another day or so, or maybe thirty, you never know. Tomorrow our three bigs start a new home school adventure, and we are excited to be getting ready for that! Until then, have a great week!

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  1. I'm glad that you're back to your blog! Great pics. I haven't seen any from anyone yet.
    Thanks for sharing.