Thursday, June 4, 2015

Summer, oh beautiful summer!

Happy almost summer!! 

Summer isn't officially here until June 21st, however, in my little world, summer starts when home school is finished! We are SO HAPPY to have finished school this past Wednesday! Oh, happy day! 

Those last few weeks, we just get so end of the school year-nice long break in view- minded. And now it is here. 

Every year, we celebrate with a trip to Menchie's, for frozen yogurt. The kids love it, and it's something we don't do very often, so it's a wonderful treat for them. 

Announcing: Bella the 4th grader, Grady the 2nd grader and Lilly the Kindergartner!! 
(And Taite the wee babe!) Woot Woot!!

Also, it's one of the VERY few times that we let them get a little crazy with the candy toppings. It's interesting to me to see who chooses what. I think Grady had more candy than yogurt, and Lilly chose hardly any toppings. Bella was right in the middle, with mostly fruit.

This was a "kiss the teacher" moment!

"Thanks mom, for being the best, most loving, caring, patient, wonderfully understanding and most beautiful teacher, EVAHHH!!!" haha.

So now that summer has come to The Buckman house, our days are filled with even more playing than normal. As much as a gigantic takeover of blocks and plastic animals and Barbies and pirates in the house can make me a little crazy, I loooooove to hear my kids playing. I love when they are using their imaginations, creating all kinds of scenarios, and when they are playing nicely together like the best of friends. (That does not always happen, for sure, but fighting is the exception, not the norm.) So we've been filling our days with a little extra playing and relaxing.

So far, since Wednesday, we've been to the library three times. Bella is a reading machine! She just loves it. She is one of those kids that if you haven't seen her in a while, you can find her laying on a couch snuggled in a blanket, or up in her room, but always buried in a book. She sits on the back porch with a book, she walks and reads, and she tries to eat and read, and she always has a book or three with her in the car. She reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast in that opening scene when Belle is walking through their poor provincial town, with her nose stuck in a book.  Bonjour!

She has been loving this series, pictured below. The other morning, after a trip to the library, I found her in her room, laying on her bed, reading. And on the floor, all of her books to read displayed nicely. First she made a list and so that she could check them off as she finished them. I think we might need to get her something a little more difficult, as she read through all of these in about three days.

This past week we went to the fire station to visit Bryan. Taite was wearing one of Grady's old outfits, that I had given away to a friend, and then a wonderful thing happened, my friend gave it back to me for Taite. Anyway, I found the picture below. The first is of course, of Bryan and Taite. The second is of Bryan and Grady six years ago. Grady was four and a half months old. Sweet memories, and my three favorite guys!


 Back then it was just Bella and Grady, and now there are four!

Bryan was driving the airport Crash Truck that day, which is used for airplane emergencies, so it looks a bit different than the fire trucks we normally see.

And now it's back to summer.
Goodbye for now!

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