Monday, June 22, 2015

Adoption Day!

June 11th, 2015.

That date will forever be etched in my mind, as a beautiful, wonderful day. For years our family prayed about whether or not adoption was right for us. We researched, and discussed, went to conferences, held family meetings. Once we took the first step, we prayed every night for our son-to-be, wherever he might have been. We hoped and planned and waited. And then he came, and there was joy and happiness and love for our babe.

On Thursday, June 11th, our adoption was finalized. Taite's birth parents had irrevocably consented to his adoption before we took him home from the hospital, but we only had temporary custody until the 11th. Post placement evaluations were completed, and recommendations were made to the judge on our behalf.

The night before, I couldn't sleep. I was too excited to sleep, yet strangely nervous.

Our instructions were to meet at The Courthouse at 8:50am, outside of Courtroom 16H. Not wanting to be late, we were quite a bit early. Both of our parents joined us, as did our friend and talented photographer, Dawn Geraghty.

 And then finally we were able to go in.

Swearing in. (That was kind of fun!)

Our attorney started with Bryan, and asked him a lot of questions along the lines of "do you agree to love him, do you agree to provide for him, do you agree to treat him just as if he was your biological son with full rights to your inheritance and estate" etc... Those were all pretty easy questions.

Then she turned to me and asked, "why should the judge agree to this adoption?" Oh my goodness. The thoughts that raced through my head. There are so many reasons, where to start? And just the thought of him not agreeing to our adoption... I completely choked up and was fighting back tears. Meanwhile, my precious Bella Grace, who is naturally shy and quiet, loudly states, "because we love him!"

To which the judge responded, "I think she just saved you!". Whew! And then I was smiling through the tears!

"The Petition for Adoption is hereby granted."

"The Petitioners, Bryan and Amy Buckman, are hereby declared to be the parents of the minor child, Taite David Buckman, creating the relationship between the minor child and the Petitioners and all relatives of the Petitioners that would have existed if the minor child was a blood descendant of the Petitioners, entitled to all rights and privileges thereof, and subject to all obligations of a child born to said Petitioners."

While Bryan and I picked up our Final Judgement of Adoption , our parents watched the kids, and explored the courthouse.

Up and down, and up and down the escalator.

Oh, how I wish I wasn't doing the choke hold in these pictures, but this baby was OUT- sound asleep!

After we left the courthouse we all went out for breakfast. 

It was a beautiful, wonderful day.
It was the day that I officially became a mother of four.
I now have two sons and two daughters.
And that precious little fair complected, blue eyed, red haired baby is mine!