Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Eleven Weeks of Randomness: Part 1

A few nights ago, at 8:30pm, I said "Ok, Bella. Seriously, it's time for bed." And she cried. Not because she wanted to play more, or have a snack, or because she doesn't like going to bed. She actually cried... because she wanted to finish more of her math schoolwork... Whaaaat?

These days, we're in a mad dash to finish school. We're not late or on behind, but we're ready to be done. Do you feel me?! We're ready for summer and we want to claim our mornings back.

We've taken a subject by subject approach, completing one subject at a time, and the kids are hitting a home-run. I've given them the choice of finishing sooner than later if they want, and when they are done, they're done. Bring on Menchie's Fro-Yo celebrations, and maybe some kind of School's Out party (that I haven't even planned yet, but suddenly sounds like fun)... I have to say the flexibility and freedom to do what we want, when we want, is one thing that I LOVE about home schooling! I love that the kids have the autonomy to make responsible decisions, to consider what they want in the future, to be able to work hard for it now, and then enjoy the reward of finishing early.

So the next morning, I came downstairs at 6:58am to find Bella and Grady sitting at the table, working on math. Part of that was because they knew that if they got done in time, they'd be able to go with Bryan to his construction site, so that was added incentive, but still, 6:58am! Crazy kids that I love!

In other news, my baby is eleven weeks old today. Doesn't that seem so crazy?! It sure does to me. And I'm still playing catch up from the past eleven weeks. Here are some of my favorite moments. There are a bunch of them...

Taite, 1 week old... 
in a blanket boat with siblings, with only a sword and light saber to row with...

And hanging with daddy on the floor.

This was at Taite's 2nd Dr. visit. He's consistently been 90% height and 50% weight. 
(And we LOVE Dr. Smith!)

Ohhh this is a fun one! We Care for Orphans is the name of one of our wonderful grant sponsors. They sent us all shirts, so I thought it would be fun to include a picture of us wearing our shirts, and holding Taite, in our "Thank You" note... I checked to make sure we were all smiling, eyes opened, not picking noses, etc... but unfortunately failed to notice Taite's face... hahaha! Sighhh.

This sweet baby was so often smiling in his sleep. I know people say it means gas, or something like that, but either way, it's completely adorable.
1.5 weeks

Two weeks...

3 weeks old.
His birth parents bought this outfit for him, so I wanted to make sure we had some pictures of him in it, and I saved it for him for when he's older.

Bella loves reading to him. 

Did you know that fireflies are in Florida? I didn't know that either, until recently. There are two or three weeks in late March/early April that they show up in a few locations. One of them is Blue Springs State Park. It just so happened that there was one last really chilly evening in our Florida winter, so we excitedly bundled up and headed out.

Some Amy Buckman terminology:
~"Really chilly" for us would be a anything in the 50's or lower, but this evening it was a low of 45°.
~And "bundled up" means the three big kids and I were each wearing two pairs of pants, two shirts and a hooded sweatshirt over that, socks and shoes. And Baby Taite was dressed like the abominable snowman. Perhaps we go a little overboard...

So all the fireflies were mostly in the bushes and trees around the boardwalk, with some flying around where we were walking. And the later and darker it got, the more we saw. We were so thankful for the cold weather, because it meant the mosquitoes were not there to join us for the evening. It was beautiful, and brought back so many memories of Pennsylvania summers.

It was extremely difficult to get pictures of those little fireflies in little to no light, so you'll have to really look hard to see them. (They look a lot like little flecks of dust on your computer screen...)

Taite had a blast, and thoroughly enjoyed his time there... ha ha.

The next morning, Lilly and I took him for a cool morning walk. 

And soon after that last cool day in March, the weather was back to normal Florida weather. Hot. 

Scenes from my kitchen window...
Taite, 3.5 weeks old.

And then there are these cutie pictures!

This is one of my absolute favorites!

Taite, 4 weeks.

 Bath time baby = Sleepy time baby. 

Oh, this was fun! Our dear friends invited us over for Easter egg dying and cookie decorating. The kids LOVED it, and had such a great time. (And I was SO thankful that she wanted to host this mess of sugar, dyes and eggs!)

Sparkling glitter and sequins.

And then came the cookies!

That is the look of determination on this face, careful not to lose a single sprinkle... and dye under the fingernails... 

Crazy boys.

Easter 2015.
Taite 4.5 weeks.

For Easter this year, my parents came over from Melbourne and celebrated with us on the Saturday before Easter, then spent the night and went to church with us in the morning. After church, we went to a fancy brunch with Bryan's parents.

And now I do believe I have caught up to Taite's first 5 weeks. Oh good grief...

There have been so many wonderful memories during these past few months, so many beautiful moments. We have so much to be thankful for.

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