Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Eleven Weeks of Randomness: Part 2

Happy Wednesday!

Two posts ago, I started muscling through eleven weeks of baby-lovin' pictures and eleven weeks of our life gone by. I only made it through the first five weeks of Baby Taite, hence the "Part 1" on that post, and now the "Part 2" on this one... I have my doubts about being able to get through it all today, without needing a "Part 3"... oh good grief! I have to admit though, all of these pictures are making me smile. I feel like some of them are from so long ago, that when I get to them, I'm all like "Ohhh, I remember that!"... Anyway, off we go.

Taite, 5.5 weeks
(A good portion of these pictures have come from my cell phone, so the quality is terrible, but I loved them, and wanted them included as well.)

This was his first smile, caught on camera. I'm so happy that he is wearing this shirt. It's almost like a smiling salute to our English friends that we love.

My strong, handsome, fun, loving, super hard-working, smart, manly-man husband turned 37 this year. He is such a blessing to our family. He's a wonderful provider, ensuring that I am able to stay home with the kids, he's a Godly leader that I can trust, he keeps us safe and entertains us with songs, and he loves us. The kids and I are so thankful for this man, and love him so much!

Yes, that's right. Six weeks. Already.

Oh, this baby. So sweet and mild. So calm and relaxed and laid back.

And every now and then, there's a little of this...

Ahhh, this. Quiet mornings. This one was just me and my boys. Love.

This was after our first 8hr sleep through the night.

Classical Conversations, End of Year Celebration. 
This year was our fourth year in CC, and my first year as a tutor. We LOVED our CC experience and are so thankful for the friendships we've made. 

This year the children recited in song John 1:1-7 in Latin.
 Below  is the English translation of what they sang.

My sweet class on the front row, before the ceremony.

Me and my boys!
Taite was 7 weeks old.

Dude, this was a fun day! After a hot Saturday morning spent on the soccer field with Grady, we headed over to some friends house for a poolside cookout and swim. 

"Ahhh, this is the life!"

And after a fun day of swimming in the pool, we came home and relaxed a little. The kids decided that they wanted to build a houseboat. They started with a floor plan, complete with bedrooms and a stage in the living room, and used a tape measure to make sure that everything was correct. (Their daddy is in the process of building houses, and I think they are picking up some of that excitement.)

 While the two bigs did most of the building, Lilly was on baby duty.

I just think these kids are the coolest! I love how they entertain themselves, and I love how they play so well together. It's not always sunshine and roses, but they really are great friends.

Men's Soccer.
A few months ago, Bryan joined a men's soccer group. They play every Saturday evening, and he LOVES it! The kids enjoy hanging out at the field with the other dad's kids, and I enjoy getting to spend either some quiet time at home, or some time at the field with the other wives. 

Bailey likes to go too.

Our 8 week old smiling cutie.

My sweet friend Hollie came over a few weeks ago, to drop off some boy clothing, and to have a little lunch play date. I shamelessly put her to work, holding the baby, helping me clean out book shelves and re-organize closets that had already been organized once,  moving furniture, etc... We had such a fun time, and were so thankful for their company! (This is the best picture of the kids we could manage... kinda sad! I love how mine felt the need to all be helping to hold Taite.)

Later that week, a Splash Pad Play Date! Woot woot!!

Grady and 5U Soccer.
This guy has had such a fun soccer season. We have enjoyed watching him play, cheering him on, and he and Bryan have loved practicing together.

Mother's Day
Taite, 9 weeks old
Mother's Day was really special for me this year, not that it's not every year, but this year it was different. More than usual, I felt so extremely grateful to own this title of "Mother". 

My children are truly blessings, and some of my biggest sources of joy. And while I am technically their teacher, they teach me SO much, all the time.

This year, with the addition of Taite, I think I just feel so much respect for the role I have, and I feel such an added responsibility to be the best mama I can be. There's a woman out there that chose me, to be the mother for the child she was carrying. She chose me to be the one to love him, and that is really humbling. 

This year I spent some time just telling my kids how thankful I am that I get to celebrate Mother's Day, and how thankful I am for them. I don't think I tell them that enough. 

I also know that I don't tell my own mother how thankful I am for her, and what her example through the years has meant to me. Her sacrifices and support and love and even discipline have made me who I am, and for that I will always be grateful. (So thanks bunches, Mama!!) 

Our church's Baby Dedication service was on Mother's Day this year. Bryan and I stood in front of family and friends, and committed to be parents that seek to follow and honor God as we raise our children. It's our hearts desire to see our children walk in relationship with Christ, and follow Him with their lives.

Both of our parents were at church with us that day, and then came over for Mother's Day lunch. The dads all worked together to prepare lunch for the Mamas, while we relaxed. Unfortunately, I was so busy relaxing, I didn't get any pictures of the mothers. Ack!

We had grilled chicken, shrimp, steak, pineapples, peppers, and onions over rice. Oh.Yum!

And finally, at long last, I have caught up to Taite, 11 weeks old!

These past eleven weeks have been a beautiful whirlwind. I've seen so much change and growth in my children, in my husband and in myself. I'm excited to see the future of our family, and what new adventures and life lessons are in store for us. I look forward to the days ahead for this little family, and cherish the abundant life that we are living right now. We have so much to be thankful for, I pray that we live lives full of gratitude every day.