Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Introducing Taite David Buckman!

At long last, we are SO, SO very excited to introduce you to our son, Taite David. 

Here's a peek at his nursery. Our awesome friend Katie painted these canvases for him.

This past Friday, after an emotional evening at the hospital, Bryan and I brought our sweet boy home. We walked into the house, to find celebration posters that the kids and my mom had decorated, and instructions saying "follow the signs" with arrows leading up the stairs and into our bedroom, where our precious jammie-clad children were waiting for us.

Oh, their sweet expressions. They are so precious. 

Our first picture as a family of six!

The next day, we threw a welcome party for him, with our families. 

We enjoyed celebratory pizzas and a toast!

Even my sister and her family in Denmark joined us via skype.

If it isn't obvious already, this little boy is loved like crazy! He has been an absolute dream baby. He eats well, sleeps well and only cries when he's ready to eat. He is just such a refreshing breath of fresh air, and we are all in love!

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