Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A day like none other.

After a month and a half of waiting, on Wednesday evening we received word that our son had been born. He was healthy and safe and perfect, and birth mom was doing great as well. The kids were already in bed, but that didn't stop us from rushing in to tell them the good news. We whooped and hollered and made phone calls. We were told that we would probably pick him up on Friday.

I can't tell you how often I just stared at this picture.

On Thursday, we celebrated Bella's 8th birthday, with a surprise party at the park. I was so thankful to have something to help keep my mind off of the fact that mere hours were separating me from meeting my son, and bringing him home.

Friday finally came, and it was a day like none other. Friday morning, I drove halfway to Melbourne to pick up my mom, not knowing what time we would need to leave to go pick up the baby. I came home, showered and nervously got ready.

We received a message to be at he hospital by 5pm to pick up our baby boy. Oh my goodness. The nerves. The excitement.

Months of waiting for this moment had turned into days, had turned into hours, that were quickly turning into minutes. All that I had envisioned and imagined, and now these days were here, and really happening. The announcement of labor, the phone call of his delivery, the drive to the hospital, nervously quiet and holding onto Bryan's arm...

We arrived at the hospital, and met our coordinator in the lobby. We signed papers and received instructions and updates on mom and baby. We heard about how hard it was for her to make this choice, even though she knew it was right, and how difficult the past two days had been for her. I fought back tears, my heart breaking for her heart breaking.

Shaking, we walked to her room.

She requested to be the one to hand us her son. She was lovely, and smiled as she handed him to me. "He is so beautiful" and he is. He is just perfect. We all cried. She told us about her delivery, his temperament, and graciously gave us baby gifts.

We gave her gifts as well, in appreciation for choosing Bryan and I to be the one to raise her sweet child. I had written her a letter, telling that she and her baby have been prayed for, since before we even knew their names, that we have been praying for their health and safety, for their lives, and futures. I told her that we already love him, so very much. I told her that she will be honored in our home, that we will speak about her with gratitude, and that she will not be forgotten. I told her that her son will grow up knowing that he was loved by her, and I promised her that he will be greatly cared for, protected, loved, and provided for. I told her that I'm proud of the woman and the mother that she has chosen to be, that I'm inspired by her courage and humbled by her decision to love her son selflessly. And that we all have defining moments in life, and I believe this is one of hers.

We all cried. Then I handed her baby back to her. We said goodbye, gave hugs, and walked out, and she had a few minutes to say goodbye to him. Her last words to us were "please promise me that you will love him." Oh, how our hearts still grieve for her.

We spoke with the nurses and doctors, and then, at last, we were able to breathe. We finally felt comfortable enough to relax and enjoy the moment that we were sharing with our new son. We smiled and laughed and rejoiced in the Lord, for he is so good.

And then, just as we had envisioned and hoped, we took our son home.

(The preceding moments were beautifully captured by Dawn Geraghty of Dawn Geraghty Photography. I have purposely not included pictures of our birth mother, out of respect for her.)

It was a day like none other. It was filled with unbelievable highs, and such pain filled lows. It was awkward, uncomfortable, nerve wracking, heartbreaking and gut wrenching, but yet also so beautiful, sweet, tender, amazing and joy-filled. Thank you friends for joining us on this journey.

I'll give our sweet little guy a proper introduction in the next post!


  1. So preciously beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. How precious, brings tears to my eyes!

  3. This post brought me to tears. Thanks for sharing~