Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Celebrating Bella

Bella's 8th birthday was March 7th. You might remember, we had a lot going on that week, with the birth of our son, so we celebrated her the week before, with several surprises. (Yes, I'm a bit on behind, but better late than never!)

Bryan's parents had asked if they could come and pick Bella up, and take her shopping for a new guinea pig cage for The Princess, for her birthday. So instead of telling her that they were coming, they just came driving up on a Sunday afternoon. She was outside playing basketball (yes, with a volleyball) and was all smiles.  And that began a fun run of surprises for her.

As soon as they left we hustled and bustled around the house getting a surprise dinner party ready for her. Grady and Lilly made place cards, Bryan blew up balloons and decorated. Her favorite meal is spaghetti and meatballs, so that's what I made.

Before they returned, Aunt Brittany, Uncle Eric and Cousin Elise joined us for the surprise dinner party.

Then we all hid...

...and jumped out yelling "SURPRISE!"

The next day, we told the kids that Bryan had to meet someone he works with in Titusville. We got in the car, and headed out. Once we got close, the "guy he works with" told us he was running late. We decided we should stop and have dinner since it might be a little while. "Does anyone see somewhere that we could stop at for dinner?" "Oh, sure enough! There's Cracker Barrel! Let's go there!" And so we did.

We strategically placed Bella's chair, and there she sat, reading a book and twirling her hair. And would you believe it?!? The guy Bryan works with is my dad! And my mom came to the meeting too! And they brought a balloon! And presents! And cake!!

Hooray for surprises!

Taite was born on Wednesday night. On Thursday morning I said "Ya know, Bella, your birthday is coming, you might want to wear that birthday girl shirt at some point. And since we'll probably be picking Taite up tomorrow and doing baby stuff after that, you might want to just wear it today..." easy as that. And then later in the day, we decided to take a very "impromptu" trip to the park. "Ya know what guys, the weather is so nice, why don't we go to the park after we get done with school?"

"Heeeey... Are those our friends?? WHAT?!? Friends are here?? And mama has a trunk full of food?! And there are presents?? Is this a party?" "Surprise!"

When I asked Bella what she wanted to do for her birthday this year, (in light of the impending adoption, and not having the budget available for a big party) she responded, "all I care about is that I can run around and play with my friends." Very well then, my daughter. Run and play!

The next day, we brought home Baby Taite. Needless to say, it was an action packed and beautifully wonderful week!

To the girl that made me a mother:

You are more than I could have imagined or dreamed of, you're beautiful inside and out. You are caring and honest and so generous. You are such a blessing to me, and such an important part of our family. I love you bunches and am so happy to be your mama!

 Happy 8th Birthday, sweet Bella Grace!