Tuesday, February 10, 2015

...and Waiting...

So, adoption news first... The last time we spoke with our coordinator, we received a new due date of March 10th. So far we have heard due dates of March 8th, then Feb 18th, and now March 10th... which means that we really have no idea when this baby of ours is coming... But we are so super excited for whatever day he is born! I do think Valentine's Day would be fun though, since he is already so very loved!

Everything on the homefront is pretty much ready, so hopefully we can spend a little time relaxing over the next week or two while we wait... I'll believe that when it happens!

Recently, the days have been a mixture of fun and hectic and crazy and rushed and exhaustedly tearful and tired, and really enjoyable. Bryan worked pretty much non-stop doing construction related things for the last two weeks, and I have been so appreciative for the help and presence of others. I think Bryan and I both know that it's about to get sleepless around here, so we are trying to get as much done before the baby comes as possible. Maybe we're nesting...

My sister and her family from Denmark came for a visit last week and stayed with us for a few days. My sister was so amazingly helpful and such huge blessing, and of course we all enjoyed spending time with them!

We shared lots of family meals, played games, read stories, did arts and crafts, went to Blue Springs to see the manatees, hung out at playgrounds, and then Becky and I sorted and organized closets. The kids loved that they were able to have a sleepover with their cousins, and we enjoyed great morning breakfasts, picnic lunches and fun dinners together.

This crazy guy loves shoulders, and would be totally happy to remain perched there all day, just looking around with his curious lizard eyes.

Hello, movie star!

Sweet Cousins!

Towards the end of their stay, my mom and Becky hosted a sweet baby shower for our new boy. It was the first real celebration we've had in anticipation for his arrival, and it was so fun. Thank you mom & sissy for the great food, fun games, and time to spend with friends! And thank you friends for welcoming our baby!

Bella and Ines were great big girl helpers!

I'll tell you what- diapers and formula are some of THE BEST gifts! Of course new clothing and toys are fun too, but right now, the necessities of life are such a HUGE blessing to our family!

It was SO, SO good to see these ladies! Most of them I have known since Jr. High, but don't get to see nearly as much as I would like. 

Sara, we missed you friend! Your mama was a wonderful fill in for you though!

I'm not sure what this really has to do with anything, Lilly just happened to be wearing a feathered mask while at the party...

And that same day, this big guy lost his first tooth! 
Oh, what a smile!

One last thing, to my praying friends. There are a few more prayer requests that I would like to add to the rest:
~Please pray for a comfortable remainder of the pregnancy for our birth mother.
~Pray for an easy and quick, but mostly safe, delivery for both mom and baby.
~Pray for her as she grieves this loss. Pray for comfort and healing, and encouragement in knowing that she is making the right choice for this child.
~Pray for our meeting, that Bryan and I are able to convey our gratitude to her for choosing us, and for choosing life for this baby.
~And lastly, please pray that through this whole process, Bryan & I would be able to show God's love to her, in some way.

I think that's all I've got for tonight. Who knows what tomorrow will bring! Until next time...

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