Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ready. This past week has been more than a little nutty. And by that, I really should say, just plain old crazy. I should also say, that we have felt so much love and support over this past week, that the craziness, has managed to be so much fun at times.

A week and a half ago, after four and a half months of waiting, we learned that we were matched with a birth mother (hooray!). We also learned that she was due in less than a month, and has been around three weeks early with her past pregnancies. They were able to treat her PTL/PTC (pre-term labor/pre-term contractions) with a medication during this pregnancy, so we are hoping that our sweet baby stays in there until he is good and ready to join us. As I write this, she is past the 37 week mark, so that is fantastic.

I have learned a lot over this past week, both about myself and about others. In the past, I have been one to say "if you need anything, please let me know". And I have been completely sincere in that statement, and truly would be happy to make myself available if needed. This week however, I have learned a new way to say the same thing, and decided that I want to change that statement.

If you've ever read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, you might remember that there are five basic methods that people give and receive love, to and from others. There is Gift Giving, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Physical Touch and Quality Time. Usually people have one or two of these that mean the most to them. The two that speak the loudest to me, are Acts of Service and Quality Time.

While I completely appreciate the folks that, like I have, very sincerely said "if you need anything, please call me", I am just not one to call and ask for help, unless it is dire. This week I have been so grateful, and so ministered to, by the people that have said "Could I watch your kids for a few hours so you can run errands?" or "I have tomorrow available, let's work on whatever it is that is making you the most crazy", or "What can I do to help out, and what can we get done after that?", and then they actually did all of those things. I had a three page list of things that I wanted to do before the baby comes, and my list is almost complete. I really can not say "thank you!!" enough to those of you who filled my love tank with your actions and your time.

Additionally, while Receiving Gifts is not one of my primary love languages, our family has been loved on immensely over the past few months, with clothing and equipment to borrow, and I am talking, we have been blessed! I had given all of Grady's clothing away up to age five, and had given away ALL of our baby toys, bouncy seats, playpen, high chair, stroller, etc... so we are so very thankful for the generosity we have been shown. "Thank you, thank you!!" to our friends that have passed their own children's baby things on to us.

Right now I don't have any updates on the progress of our birth mom, but we are all so extremely excited (and now officially ready!) to be bringing our little guy home!

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