Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Mark my words, this is it!"

I have failed, my friends. I am embarrassed. I have no will power against these things. I wonder to myself, "how does this keep happening?!", but yet, it does. And it has. Again. I sigh.

A few weeks ago I stated this "Mark my words, this is it!" in this post.

First things first, a little history lesson (because that's how we roll around here)...

Sir Francis Drake (1544-1596) was a British explorer, slave-trader, privateer (a pirate working for a government) in the service of England, mayor of Plymouth, England, and naval officer (he was an Admiral). Drake led the second expedition to sail around the world in a voyage lasting from 1577 to 1580 (Magellan led the first voyage around the world).  The Spanish called him El Draque, meaning "The Dragon."  (http://www.enchantedlearning.com/explorers/page/d/drake.shtml)

Although pirates seem cool when played by Johnny Depp, this guy was not a nice guy. None-the-less, we think Sir Francis Drake is a cool name... for our new... wait for it... pet. Yes, it's true. Sigh...

Meet Sir Francis Drake.

He is Lilly's new pet, and he is a bearded dragon. (That is a sentence I never planned to utter. And why, oh why, is there a dragon living in my house?!?)

One of the guys that Bryan works with said his kids weren't keeping up with it, and asked if we wanted it. How thoughtful of him! So needless to say, The Buckman Zoo has grown.

We went to the pet store today and picked up some information about bearded dragons. Bella read it aloud to us, and to Sir Francis Drake. He listened intently, although he looks fearful.

After we let him get a little comfortable in his new home, Brave Bella and I held him.

He has sharp finger nails. I may need to clip them or something... we didn't read about that in the pamphlet though... And also, he is a little spiky. I keep having flashbacks of another spiky pet...

ree ree ree

and I shutter...

We introduced him to Princess Cupcake. I think she said to him "Oh your poor unfortunate lizard! This is a crazy house!"

And then we watched him eat. So far today, he has eaten his mealworm/bug pellet mix, kale, strawberries, apple and broccoli. I think he was smiling while he ate, and is thankful he came to our house (which is flowing with fruits and vegetables).

And after he ate, he rested his big lizard belly in his hammock. Now that is my kind of lizard. I think I am beginning to like him.

The rest of our evening was filled with staring at the lizard and holding him.

Ok, now I'm really serious! NO MORE PETS!

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