Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blame it on the Rain

Oh come on, you know you want to sing a little Milli Vanilli with me! Girl you know it's true, ooo ooo ooo...

It has been a rainy past few days around here, and sometimes that makes me want to sing terrible 80's songs... No, that's always. Anyway, it's been grey, and cloudy, and dreary, and cool at times too. I don't mind it though, in fact I kind of enjoy it. I think it's the homebody in me that loves hanging out at home, having friends over, playing games and reading books.

Far outweighing the rain, we've had many beautiful, sunshiny days. We have days that make me wonder how it can really be January, and then I remember that January in Florida doesn't make any sense. Some days it's 80 degrees, some days it's 60, and some days it's grey and rainy and 70. Does the rest of the country check the weather every morning, to figure out how they should dress? And when you go to bed at night, do you debate between turning on the heat or the A/C?!

My last post was about our newest pet, Sir Francis Drake. He's a gem. But somewhere in the distraction of the Christmas Countdown, I neglected to post the departure of some other very loved little pets.

Alllll aboard the pet taxi! Beep beep!

One mildly sad day a few weeks ago, we finally had enough of the hens squawking at 5am, the poop on the porch, and the eating of every little plant that we wanted to grow. So we loaded the ladies up... Tally ho! (Please note Lilly's outfit. It was a sweater dress, with a red velvet and sequined skirt underneath, and sandals...Oh, I say...)

Bryan's cousin and his wife and three children live on a few acres nearby, where chickens can run wild with reckless abandon, squawking loudly for the whole world to hear with a smile on their little chicken faces, happily eating delicious bugs all the live-long day.

I was a little worried with how my kiddos would feel about the loss of their little ladies, but they did really well. I think Grady missed them the most, but truly, was over it in a day or two. We still check up on them, and love seeing their pictures posted on FB.

This weekend, Bryan and the kids got started on our new garden. They planted (organic, non-GMO, woot woot!) peppers, cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, lettuces, onion, and spinach and I can't wait! Hurry up little seeds and grow!

Oh how I love these dirty hands!

Tortuga has been enjoying some new freedom lately. Grady has been taking him out to swim in the pond. I can't imagine how fun it must be to go from swimming in a 5 gallon tank to a 400 gallon pond, with fish that look so big next to him.

Bella and I were talking the other day about how one day we would like to move to a house on a farm, that Bryan will build for us. We talked about the things we would like to have, like goats, and a great big open downstairs so that we could have lots of people over, and some land under big oak trees for birthday parties and bonfires. And then she thought for a minute and said "yeah, but I would really miss my friends." And I totally get that. I know what it's like to move away from your childhood friends, and to be sad that you don't get to see them anymore. And it made me happy that my girl has friendships and relationships that she treasures, because really, what is life without relationships?!

Family bike rides have become a really special time for us. I mentioned a few posts back about stopping to enjoy the days we have right now as a family of five, and this is one of those times. I know that once we have a new baby in the family, times like this will be different. Things like family bike rides and camping trips and days at the beach might go on hold for a few months, and of course at some point we'll work out a way to include our baby in the activities and continue on with how we roll. But right now, with the kids at the ages they are, it's all just gotten easy, and sometimes I need to stop and really enjoy that.

My littlest love started out on her own...

...but before too long, her little legs were tired, and she was on the tow rope. 
She has such a good daddy!

Molly needed to wear a helmet as well. Safety first!

Rainy day mornings around here call for a little goofin' off, and having a little fun before we start school. Bella bought Lilly a pack of Noah's Ark/Old Maid cards for Christmas, and we have been enjoying some healthy competition.

One of the (many) beauties of homeschooling for us, is the freedom to play. I firmly believe that having time to play is so good for young kids. I am NOT referring to watching movies or TV, playing video or computer games, etc... while they might have their place. I am talking about creative play time, when they use their imaginations to create and enjoy, and build with their hands, and play with their siblings. I think it's good for them to learn how to entertain themselves creatively, and not feel the need to be entertained. That that includes playing with pillows and blankets, or toys, or dirt and sticks, or playing cards. Of course there is also time to play with mom and dad, and playing outside with neighborhood friends, and playing with pets, etc...

And as much as I enjoy letting the kids play, I also like to make sure that they are able to entertain themselves with quiet activities like reading. Yesterday afternoon we went to the library to stock up on some rainy day reading for all of us. Lilly chose this book to help her train Molly...

Well the rain is drying up and the sun is poking out. Today we're looking at a high of 76 and a 25% chance of rain. All the kids have finished school, so I am thinking this calls for a family outing! Adios my friends!

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