Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Countdown Continues...

We are continuing on with an Advent Themed Countdown to Christmas...


This year we have an extra spot, just waiting to hold a stocking for our sweet boy. One of my friends that I used to work with gave me the ornament that hangs in his spot for now.  I hope and pray that next year there will be an embroidered stocking hanging in it's place!

Christmas Gifts...

I love buying gifts for our family. I love standing in Black Friday lines with Bryan's mom and sister, and running from store to store to get good deals, and I love shopping online too. This year, ALL of the Christmas shopping for our family was done by the end of Black Friday. All of it. That is such a wonderful feeling!

My sweet girl Bella saved up her spending money, and chose to use her own money this year to buy a present for each person in our family. I am so proud of her generous heart.

Grady and Lilly have been very diligent and careful helpers with the wrapping...

 ...and wanted to be able to fill out and write their names on the labels like Bella was.
Not too shabby for a just four year old!


School break play dates and lunch with friends!


Our church's Christmas party!
This year it was held at a beautiful house on Lake Monroe. The weather was cool and PERFECT for an outdoor pot-luck gathering, and it was a beautiful time of hanging out and fellowship together!


The City of Sanford's Christmas Parade!
This is a yearly tradition that we LOVE!

Our Church's Christmas Program.
This year's service was so fun. We enjoyed drama and music and a great message. Bella and her best friend Chloe had parts reciting Bible verses about the Christmas story. They both did such a great job!

These cutie pictures were from rehearsal.

Sunday Morning, these three friends were ready to go!

The Lace and Boots Sisters!

All the actors did such a great job that morning, but I am especially proud of these two sweet girls!

And that's all for now, as our countdown to Christmas continues...
Enjoy your Saturday!

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