Saturday, December 6, 2014

Playing a Little Catch-up!

Christmas is coming, and it's been a while since I have posted anything, so I thought I would do a little October/November catching up, before I get started on Christmas (hooray for Christmas!). So here it is, parts of the past month or two in review. (Don't get all excited, it's really not that interesting!)

~Fall into History.
Every year, our Classical Conversations community celebrates history with an event called "Fall Into History". The students and tutors dress up as a person from history, and then present to the rest of the class about their chosen topic. It is a great way to get the kids excited to learn more about a character of their choice, and it just makes for a fun day all around, as everyone is dressed up.

This year, my children were dressed as young George Washington and Martha Washington. And I was Laura Ingalls Wilder.

P.S. 10 points to anyone from the Mel-Hi Class of '97 era that can tell me where my dress was last seen (minus the apron and hideous bonnet)!

The tutors, aren't we special?!?

Christopher Columbus and young George Washington

And this is my class. They are such a cool bunch of awesome kiddos! 

~World Cup Soccer (or 5U)...
We celebrated Grady's final soccer game for the season this past month. If you have forgotten, his last season was a HUGE learning experience for all of us, and this time around was completely different. He loved every minute of this season, and has really improved in so many ways. After the game, the team shared pizza and ice cream and had a little trophy awarding.

(Grady is #5)

"Who wants a trophy?"

~In Pet News:
We have some new friends to introduce you to... yes, I know. The animal madness really needs to come to an end. Some sweet friends gave us a hermit crab in a super cool giant cage. And if you can believe it, a certain little boy thought that crab was lonely and needed some friends... So now we have four hermit crabs to add to the list of family pets. Mark my words, this is it! No more pets!

Also, in pet news... Tortuga's cage got a bit of a upgrade. The kids spent their spending money on shiny glass stones, gravel, colorful plastic plants and a floating dock. We are moving on up around here folks.

Hello, Baby!

And I can't leave out the princess... 

~Bodyology and Slim Goodbody.
If you have young kids, and haven't heard of this, take note and check out this link for National Tour dates. It's a human body themed performance. It's super educational, interactive and really fun for the whole family. There were a lot of school classes and home school families in the showing we were at, so it was completely full of energy. I highly recommend it!

This was while we were waiting for the show to start (taken with my not-so-great phone camera). My sweet husband was playing rock paper scissors with all the kids around our seats. 

~Arts and Craftin'.
The other day, after quite a long period of not hearing the constant chatter that is Lilly, I went looking for her, and found her. In her room, she was quietly reading through a kid's arts and crafts book. She had chosen one that she really wanted to do, and was "reading" all about how to do it.

Ok, so if it isn't obvious, Lilly has moved into that phase of choosing her own clothing and accessories... sigh... I try to go along with it, on pretty much every day except Sunday. That is my day to choose the clothing.

We gathered supplies, and then made squids out of plastic cups and streamers.

Our squids kind of morphed into a made up creature that had some sort of hair... and Bella found tulle and made a plate hat.

~Birthday Party at The Original Lil 500 Fast Trac!

We got to celebrate this handsome guy, and ride go karts around and around the track! Woot woot!

My sweet and very brave friend Janette rode with Lilly... At least she was still smiling at the end! Look how serious Lilly is!

~And lastly, Passing the Buck Torch!

One of the most beautiful things about home schooling (and there are so many) is when older children teach the children under them. Bella has become fantastic at reviewing with Lilly, while I'm working with Grady. It honestly makes me chuckle a little, because when I hear her, I know that she is repeating what she has heard from me, (she is all business) and that makes me smile.

It's been busy around here in so many good ways, but I am looking forward to writing some Christmas posts, as there is SO MUCH to remember about this season. Thanks for coming back to this little space to catch up with our family, and I hope your Christmas preparations and celebrating are well underway!

Until next time, have a great week!


  1. Martha, Martha! Is that you? Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!!

    1. Haha, Yes! I wore this dress my senior year in our school's musical. Good memory!