Thursday, November 6, 2014

Grady's 6th Birthday Party: GAME ON!

It was a beautiful day. Beautiful, as in a high of 61 and a low of 49, and full Florida sun. That kind of weather does not come around very often, and we were blessed to have it drop in for Grady's sixth birthday party!

Grady requested a sports themed party this year, I think mostly so he could wear his soccer jersey to his party, but he also wanted everyone else to dress sporty as well, and "play lots of sports at the party"...  This mama I aims to please.

The chilly weather was a GREAT opportunity to serve hot tea and hot chocolate, and chili for dinner. We also had plenty of veggies and dip, hummus and chips, and plenty of peanuts to munch on.

When our friends arrived, the kids chose their hat and initial and received a whistle. 

I made the first few hats, but my sweet mama completed the vast majority of them. Thanks, mama! And this great little travel iron of my in-laws (pictured above) worked perfectly on these iron on appliques. Thanks, Buckmans!

After the kids were all dressed in their team gear, they headed out to the "obstacle course". There were twenty sports related activities to do, but I don't think any of them actually classify as "obstacles"... Either way, the kids had fun goofing off and playing around!

Rockin' the push ups!

I was so impressed with these girls, they were so serious!

 I chose 6 reps for most of the activities, since we were celebrating Grady's 6th birthday.

My mom took the following pictures. I asked for a picture of Bryan and I. She took the first, then took another "just in case"... fantastic photobomb, my friend! I will return the favor when you least expect it! Hahaha.


Oh, how I love this guy!

Grady requested cookies and brownies for dessert, and I was happy to oblige on that request! 

After presents, I had one last game planned. I brought all of the children's Trick-or-Treat candy from the night before, and we had a little candy scramble. 

I completely love scrambles! We have done peanut and candy scrambles in the past, and I love them both. There is something so funny to me about throwing candy into the air and watching kids scramble around screaming and screeching with glee. It's just good fun. (Plus it got all of that candy out of my house!)

It was a beautiful day, celebrating a very special little guy. He is funny and sweet, and full of energy (and wildness). He loves babies, he likes to take care of animals, and has such a compassionate heart. He likes every kind of sea creature and reptile and loves learning all about them. He likes to hold my hand, he tells me that I look pretty and that he lu-u-u-u-ves my cooking. He makes me laugh every single day, and I am so thankful that God chose me to be his mama.

We were so thankful to be able to spend this day with friends and family, and are truly grateful for the relationships we have in life. Bryan and I love birthday parties, because we really enjoy taking the opportunity to develop friendships, to hang out and relax a little, to share each other's company, and to celebrate life.
Thank you folks for celebrating our son.


  1. I love the game idea with the reps! Looks like a great day! Happy BD to Grady!

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