Tuesday, November 18, 2014

An Adoption Update...

Did you know that November is National Adoption Month? It is. And because so many sweet friends have been asking for an update on our current adoption process, here it is- our news on the adoption front...

There is no news. No news, is... well, no news... We are still a "waiting family". That means that we are waiting for a birth mom to preview our family profile book, and select us as the parents she wants to raise her son. It's a very strange place to be, this kind of waiting. We have been waiting since September 2nd, which is currently less than three months. Average wait time is anywhere from nine to eighteen months. So we wait.

While we wait, we pray. These are a few things we have been praying for, and we'd appreciate your prayers if you'd like to join us.

For our son:
-That if his mother is smoking, or drinking, or doing drugs that God would protect him from the effects of her choices.
-That he will grow up to be healthy and strong and knowing that he was wanted and so very loved.
-That he will have a relationship with Christ, and follow him.

For our son's birthmother:
-That she would consider her lifestyle choices and behaviors, and do what is best for her child.
-We pray for her health and safety and pray that she would know the love of Christ.
-That if she truly can not provide a stable, loving and safe home for him, that she would find comfort and peace in choosing someone else, and that she would be blessed for her decision.

I can only imagine what some of these women have been through, to get to the place where they might be sitting in an adoption agency viewing our profile book. They all have a story of their own. Some are prostitutes, some are homeless, some are in high school, some were raped, some already have children and can barely afford to feed them, some of them had an affair, some of them didn't feel ready for a family, some of them changed their minds... Their hearts will ache, and there will undoubtedly be grief, some for years to come. But whatever their story, whatever their reason, these women have chosen to give their child life. They have chosen to give their child life. The ugliness of their story, is made beautiful in that one choice to choose life.

I am aware that this process will not be easy. I understand that there will be strain on everyone in the family. I know that there will be tears, and heartache, and sleepless nights, and exhaustion, and all out struggle. And I know that when I'm in the middle of it, and I go back and read these words, I will laugh at myself, and say "you had NO idea!". I know. I know.

But for now...

Thank you friends for sharing life with my family. Thank you for joining me in this little space in the middle of the world wide web. Thank you for your kind words of support, and for your prayers. They are cherished.

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