Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Favorite Day.

"My favorite day" is the term I use to describe one specific day of the year. It happens once a year, either in late October or early November, and truly, this one event makes me feel all giddy and smiley, and warm and fuzzy inside. It's pond clean out day. It may not sound all that exciting to you, but it's a big deal to me! To be honest, I'm certain that it is not really my favorite day of the entire year, but this process just makes me so happy, that long ago it was named "my favorite day".

By the time pond clean out day comes, our pretty little pond has been boiling away in the hot summer sun for many, many months, and is coated in a layer of summer algae slime. The water is a yucky shade of brownish green, and our giant fish start to wonder when, oh when, pond clean out day is coming.

I bought the four big fish about ten years ago (maybe more). They started in a ten gallon tank, and then quickly needed to be moved to a 55 gallon aquarium. They continued to grow and grow, and the only rational and logical choice (in my mind) was to put a pond in the back yard for them to live in... Bryan still rues the day...

So yesterday, my sweet boys completely cleared, cleaned and pressure washed the back porch and the pond.

While the boys were sweatin' it up on the back porch, the girls were enjoying a guinea pig play date with friends.

Ava & Moo, and Bella & Princess Cupcake

This morning, we spent quite a bit of time out there, just enjoying the nice clean porch and pond. And I think I heard the fish singing a happy song. Hallelujah!

Enjoy your week friends!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

beautiful little things

Good grief, there is some really bad stuff going on in the news these days. Stuff that is frightening and horrifying and completely sickening. And stuff that forces me to step away from the latest article, shocking story, or most recent headline, before I am consumed by panic and afraid to leave my house.

I'm not suggesting that I should bury my head in the sand, and ignore the atrocities of the world, but I know that I can trust the One that already knows the ending to the story. And I can rest in that. I know that he's got me, and that he's for me, and that consuming fear or worry is not his plan for me. I know that I am blessed beyond measure, and that I must choose to focus of the beautiful little things instead of the absolutely hideously appalling. 

Over the past week I have found myself smiling at the strange scenes I come across all throughout the day. Battles are being waged in the bathtubs, and Barbie has a lot of pet dogs. (And no, I did not pose any of these myself!)  These kids love playing and reading and drawing, and inventing creatures. And I love them, and want to remember the messes and the noise, and the quiet moments, all of which are beautiful little things. 

Grady was diligently working on something. I asked him what he was drawing, and this was his response...

All of that to tell me that he was drawing lots of scary sea monsters with long tentacles...

Meanwhile, little sister sings sweetly while she works...

I LOVE this picture of the two of them just sitting and talking, like old friends. I hope they look like this in ten and twenty and fifty years... (minus the guinea pig, of course.)

More art from Grady...

Lilly has been perfecting her rainbows... Like thirty million of them.

Yep, you guessed it. More artwork by Grady...

So tonight I choose to close the news reports, and just soak in the beautiful little things that surround me everyday in this season. I know that my life will not always look like this. I know that some day I might be able to take a nap in the middle of the day, but that I probably won't receive gifts made out of tape and chicken feathers found in the yard.  We've gotta live each day to the fullest, because who knows what tomorrow holds.