Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tuesday, September 2nd

Tuesday, September 2nd was such a great day.

Monday night, late in the evening, I said goodnight for the last time to my beautiful and sweet little three year old Lilly.

And Tuesday morning started out like this.

 It's a tradition around here. A Happy Birthday banner hung from the sliding glass door curtain rod, streamers hanging from the doorway, balloons tied on the birthday persons seat, and breakfast on the special celebrate plate.

After breakfast, we packed up the car and headed out for a special vacation. Some friends of ours have a time share on Ormond Beach that they wanted to bless our family with, and we are so very grateful. It has been a little crazy and hairy around here, first with the adoption stuff, then with school starting, and the start of our Classical Conversations year, and working around a pretty strict budget, and birthday party planning, and... well actually, it's really just life. Sometimes life gets a little crazy and hairy, doesn't it?! That being said, we were SO very thankful for a beautiful (and free) family getaway. It was a chance to relax and refresh and enjoy each other.

This was the view from our balcony. It was beautiful. 
(The most beautiful may have been my four loves down on the beach.)

Some things never change. Boys chase birds...

We started out our trip with a swim in the indoor swimming pool, followed by playing and swimming on the beach, and then more swimming in the outdoor pool. After that, we played a little shuffleboard before heading back to our room for dinner.

As we were preparing for dinner, Bryan checked our emails, and lo and behold, music to my ears, my long awaited email from the adoption agency had come.

"Hi Bryan and Amy:
 Congratulations!! As of today, 9-2-14, you are officially now in the waiting family pool!!"

Yahoo! We all shrieked (well, maybe not Bryan) and smiled and jumped around exclaiming "We are in the pool! We are in the pool!". And I fought back super happy tears while everyone else was cheering. And although we had been in and out of the pool all day, this was the best pool yet!

We ate dinner, and sang "Happy Birthday" to this precious little life. All of four years old, full of smiles and drama, and hugs and kisses. She is outgoing and friendly, and so very talkative.

After dinner, we headed downstairs to play a few rounds of putt-putt golf. Bella and Grady actually both did really well, and finished the course twice. Meanwhile, Lilly meandered around the course meeting people, and telling them that it was her birthday. She made friends with a little girl, and offered to let her join our game, and the two shared with Lilly's hot pink golf ball. We also made friends with several older couples, who also enjoyed talking to chatty little Lilly.

Five colorful golf balls, representing five colorful lives. Lives that love and laugh and play together. 

At the end of the night, the kids got to take a bathing suit bath in the big tub, complete with jets and bubbles. Tuesday, September 2nd was such a great day.

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  1. Congratulations!! We can't wait to meet the new baby! And Happy Birthday Lilly!