Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The first gleam of dawn...

This past week, our family stayed at a resort on the beach and were able to enjoy a wonderful time relaxing together.  I was so looking forward to spending my early morning, sitting quietly oceanfront with coffee and Bible in hand, and those moments were truly some of my favorite parts of our trip.

Each morning, my girl Bella was the first kiddo awake, and the first to join me on the balcony. We both read and prayed and took pictures of the sunrise.

Soon enough, everyone was up, bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for a new day.

In Classical Conversations this year, we are learning about The Age of Explorers. Bella had chosen to do her weekly presentation on Juan Ponce de Leon, so we decided to drive up to St. Augustine and learn more about him.

Well, hello Juan. Hello again.

We got to experience canon fire and a musket shot.

We learned about the Native Indians, and their way of living, and The Conquistadors. 

And then, we all drank from the Fountain of Youth. (Yuck!)

Who can tell what time is was by the sun dial?
(It was about 11:59am.)

On our last day there, we all went for a morning walk on the beach.

It was a beautiful time for our family. We relaxed and laughed, and enjoyed being together. 
"THANK YOU!!" to our friends for sharing their vacation time share with us!
This life we have is good.

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