Monday, September 29, 2014

It's Monday all over again.

It's Monday all over again, and the weekend went by in a flash. Saturday morning started bright and early, with all of us out of the house by 7:15am for soccer pictures and a game.

Last week was a bit of an easy win. This week was a whole different game. These kids played hard and non-stop, and lost 3-2. It was a fun game to watch and to cheer for.

Every year in September, Bryan's parents host a "Back to School" party, and invite friends and neighbors and family. There are a bunch of teachers and students in the mix, so it's a great reason to celebrate! Everybody brings some food to share, there is swimming and volleyball and lotsa kids playing. It's a great time.

This year was no exception, well except this year came with an additional fun factor...

...a gigantic water slide. And it was a huge hit with kids of all ages!

At some point, the grown men decided that pool toys would also make fun water slide toys. And they ran off and raided the pool.

This might be as graceful as a grown man riding a lizard can look...

This guy riding an airplane... not so graceful...

Eventually the real kids were able to use the toys as well. 

No, I did not venture onto the slide.

In between the water slide and swimming, there was a volleyball game.

Here he is, the man of my dreams...

It was a wonderful evening, and we all had such a great time. 

Yesterday we spent a lazy day around the house. Grady was up off and on all throughout the night with an earache, so we didn't go to church. In fact we didn't leave the house. We exercised in our pajamas, and played quietly all day. By the end of the day, Grady's ear was feeling better, for which I was relieved. It wasn't how I had planned to spend the day, and of course I would never hope for one of my children to be sick, but I ended up being very thankful for the time of purposeful slow down with them.

And now it's Monday, and we start this crazy circuit all over again. All the while, we're looking to see the best of what we have, right here and now, in the midst of the crazy. Have a great week friends!

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