Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A New Day

Grady is #5 this season, and returning to Team Crew.
This past March, in our search to find something physical that Grady would both enjoy and be good at, we signed him up for soccer. He had a pretty rough start, but ended on a positive note, with lessons learned for all of us.

This month, the fall soccer season started up, and I wondered how it would go for Grady. Would he start back where he was at the beginning of last season, shy and unsure? Would he remember his friends? Would he still have friends on his team? Or would he jump right back into to it, and pick up where he left off at the end of last season?

Grady was so excited for his first game this past Saturday, which I thought was a good sign. Friday afternoon, the day before the game, the rain started, and didn't stop. All night it rained, and into the morning. And as we got up and rushed to get out by 8am, I kept waiting to hear that his first game would be cancelled due to rain, but that notice never came.

Since there was no lightening, it was GAME ON!

And little buddy was all over it! 

And guess who scored his first ever goal?! AND his second and third!
That's right! My boy! Whoo hoo!!

He was so excited.

 His team won the game, 9-0... It may or may not have been a very equal match up...

Never the less, these crazy kids played their best, and had a great time. And the mamas and daddies had so much fun standing there in the rain screaming and cheering. Indeed it was new growth, and a new day.

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