Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Lovin' 2014, Part 2

I can not even believe that summer is almost over. We are planning to start school back up this coming Monday, and that's less that a week away. Ack!

Our summer break seems to have taken flight somewhere right around the middle of July, and is now hurling faster and faster towards the end. In some ways, I am eager to get back to the routine of our life, but in other ways, I really do enjoy spending the whole day in my yoga pants... don't judge.

It's no big secret, I am a homebody. Most days, I would be completely happy to stay in my quiet house all day long. In one of my dream days, I would spend the day listening to music, working on my computer, doing a little exercise and playing with the kids.Then I'd invite some friends over to our house to join us in the homebody-ness. Heck, they could come in their yoga pants too, and mamas could sit on couches sipping coffee and kids could play nicely together and never, ever,  fight over toys... A girl can dream, right?

Bryan is the fun machine in our house, he's Mr. Adventure, and when he's at work, we do a whole lot of homebody at our house. It makes a good balance.

We've been taking a lot of bike rides to the duck pond near our house lately. Our two favorite times to go are in the morning, usually before 9am, before it gets to be too hot, and after dinner.

"Hello Mama Duck."

It's a duck photo bomb!

Grady LOVES fishing, any kind of fishing. He recently bought a little hand held net with his spending money, after his other one finally could be repaired no longer. So earlier this week, he really, really wanted to go to the duck pond to catch fish. The girls and I obliged, and sat and watched butterflies while he caught little fish with his net. He packed up goldfish crackers, would sprinkle a few on the water's surface and then swoop in with his net and amazingly catch lots of little fish. And oh, how much he loves that.

Of course all of those little fish went back into the pond, probably to be caught another day. 

I love peacocks. They are by far my favorite bird. The colors in their feathers are so bright and vibrant, and those feathers shimmer and shine in the sunlight. For the past few years we have had two peacocks and one pea hen that live at our local pond. (The absolutely gorgeous guy on my page header above is one of those two peacocks). Then about two years ago, Mama pea hen had five babies (called pea fowl); two pea cocks and three pea hens. It has been fun watching them grow up.

 Did you know that peacocks molt? It's true. It's once a year, and usually in August. This year, their molting was well timed with our frequent pond visits, and my children went above and beyond collecting those most amazing and beautifully colored feathers for their mama. 

The feathers that Grady is carrying below are called "eye feathers", as you can see, they contain the traditional eye.

This one is called a "sword feather". It has no eye, just gorgeous colors.

We have accumulated quite a collection now, and have integrated them into the decorations of the house. I am in love, and my favorite part is that they were collected by my sweet kiddos.

So we'll be starting school next week, and while I'm a little sad not to have long days with nothing to do, I am also looking forward to having long days with plenty to do. One of the benefits of home schooling is that "summer" doesn't really have to end, just because we are starting school back up. We just have to have to work our fun around our school, but really, we'll still have plenty of time for swimming and going to parks and taking bike rides, and wearing yoga pants all day. It's all good. And this life we have is good. We have a lot to be thankful for.

On that note, I think I hear Bryan calling for an adventurous trip to the beach.
Enjoy the rest of your summer break!

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