Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Scenes from the backyard.

Life has just been motoring along as usual around here. The weather has actually been tolerable, and almost enjoyable, for the past few days. It's as if I'm seeing little tiny glimmers of Fall. Today was breezy and actually really pleasant, so we spent a lot of time outside soaking it all in.

School is off and running, and the kids have been doing really well with this new groove. Classical Conversations starts this week, which we are all really excited about. CC is a Christian classical education, mixed with a great community of friends, that is an adjunct to our home school curriculum. I'll be tutoring this year for the first time, which I am looking forward to. We also started the girls in gymnastics almost a month ago, and they are loving it. Like completely loving it.

Unfortunately, there is nothing exciting to report on the adoption front. We are still waiting on our home study and for official word that we are in the pool of waiting families. Soon enough, I hope...

Here is some fun from our back yard... Grady is a lizard catching machine. The kids have a huge blue 50 gallon drum set up on the back porch that serves as a "rescue habitat" for lizards and frogs. It contains a rock for sun bathing, a big water bowl, some moss, grass, leaves and sticks for a home making, and a regular meal delivery supplied by what they have caught in their "ant trap" (which is really just honey on tin foil laying out in the back yard)...

 Bella is the Guinea Pig whisperer. They have actual conversations. 

And the girls continue to roam about as if they own the place.

The kids have been saving up their spending money to put towards a plastic pool for over two months now. They wanted the one that has a slide, which sells for a whopping $38 at Walmart. (Which I think is ridiculously expensive for a plastic pool!) Anyway, this is what they had their eyes set on, and they worked and saved and finally were able to put their money together to buy this pool.  We are proud of them, because saving money is hard for kiddos and making the choice to save and wait for something better instead of spending their money right away on something dumb, is a great lesson to learn. It's that whole instant gratification vs. delayed gratification thing. Anyway, here it is. The highlight of Summer 2014...

Yep, that's what I said... "Thirty eight dollars for that?!?"

But they are enjoying it.

They did start out with more water than this. I think half of the pool ended up on the porch.

And after a long day of swimming around in 6 inches of water, these kids were famished!

And finally, to end this post about nothing, I will close with a sad little story. It's about a sweet little chicken named Zebra. All Zebra wanted out of her life was a good home, with a loving family. She longed to peacefully roam free eating bugs out of fresh green grass, and pooping wherever she may please.

Sadly, very sadly, she came to live with us...

Where little boy mayhem will follow her, all the days of her life...

Poor, poor, poor Zebra. Keep running sister.

The end...

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  1. hahaha thanks for the laughs : ) - Bec