Thursday, August 21, 2014

Before and After

So to answer one of my questions regarding room arrangements from my last post, we decided to:
-sell Grady's queen sized bed to friends looking for a black queen sized bed
-buy Grady bunk beds/two twin beds from different friends looking to sell them
(That was a win-win!)

When we are close to actually bring a baby home, we will:
-convert Lilly's double bed back into a crib, and return her room to nursery status
-move Lilly into Grady's room until little brother is old enough to sleep in a twin (with side rails, of course!), and then she'll go back to her own room

So here we go with that...

Grady's room before... (except this was like a year ago)


And After...

That night, of course all of the kids wanted to sleep in the new room. So we brought in an air mattress for one, and drew straws (or something else official and fair, I can't remember) to decide who got to sleep where.

So Grady's room is done. Yay!

Here is something strangely exciting for me: I have quite a list of "things to purchase or acquire" for this baby. We gave away everything baby-ish we had, and were literally starting with nothing. We've been praying for God's provision, and it has been so cool to watch Him provide. So far we have gotten a few really great Craigslist deals, and friends have been amazingly generous offering things like a swing, a bouncy seat, a bumbo, and some clothing, etc... I am used to really being on top of things, and having a plan for everything (I still am to some extent),  but it has been really fun just waiting and watching things fall into place.

Have a great week friends!

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