Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Breathe deep the chaos.

Ohhh, whadda week... Wowza. Ok, so last Monday, we made the decision that we were definitely choosing to adopt (as opposed to foster). I met with the Executive Director of the adoption agency that we chose to work with, asked a million questions, and learned a whole lot, and basically knew immediately that this was the place for us.

On Tuesday I scheduled our Home Study for a week and two days later. And then I started printing pages and pages and pages of "things to do" forms, that all had to be ready when the social worker comes to check out our house that next Thursday. And then I thought "oh crap, what was I thinking scheduling this so soon?!" Then the agency sent a package of contracts and forms to fill out and sign as well.

So this past week, Bryan and I have spent pretty much every day signing things and then getting them notarized, we have been finger printed, we've had background checks done, we have drawn floor plans of our house, and gotten reference letters, we've each had a physical, we've cleaned our house from top to bottom with a toothbrush (well maybe not that extreme, but close), we've had the carpets cleaned, Bryan has weeded and wacked all of the bushes in the yard and re-mulched, Bailey has been groomed, we have painted the chickens toenails (ok, that's not true either), and we have made lists about what we will need for this little guy. We've made rooming decisions about who is going where and what beds and mattresses to we need to buy/get rid of/convert back into a crib, etc... and today I finished our family profile book, which was the hardest task of all to complete. (Basically I had to compile years of our life, and a ridiculous number of pictures of that life, into a recommended 16-20 pages, and that was a bit difficult for me to narrow down.. So I finally submitted it at 35 pages... Whatever. The agency will go through it and recommend editing if needed, so I am happy to relinquish that task.)

Anyway, needless to say, it's been a little crazy around here. My dining room is a mess of piles stacked high of forms, and lists, and file folders, and sticky notes. But I do have to say, I thrive in this kind of environment and situation. I love all of this hurry up and get it done business. I love deadlines, and find that I am most productive when I have the most to get done. And while the sight of my dining room table right now makes me want to make a list about cleaning off the table, it also makes me smile. Part of me wants to rush through this and get it done quick-like-a-fox, and part of me wants to stand still and quiet in the middle of the mess and breathe deep the chaos of the paperwork that brings me closer to our child.

My kids have been absolutely amazing through this process. This week I have turned down a beach trip and a play date, not played with them as much as I normally do, and had a lot on my mind because we're muscling through these tasks, but there has been no complaining from them about it. They are so excited to be here, in this place, right now.

Today I was finishing our family profile, and reading over our letter to the birth mothers that might be reading our 35 page profile and possibly choosing us. Bella made this, and Grady and Lilly signed it, to be added to our book:

My heart just smiles. And she's telling the truth. We pray for him all the time.

Tomorrow is the big day! The social worker comes, and I get to pull out our folder of carefully completed paperwork and hand it to her with a big smile. One step closer!

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