Monday, July 7, 2014

Goin' Off the Rails on a Crazy Train

All Aboard! 

Today's post title is brought to you by my cousin, who is much too young to know that song!

My cousin Chelsea has been staying with us for the past week and a half, and we have really been having a great time with her. Somehow, over the past ten years or so, she has turned into a "grown-up". She is responsible and smart, helpful and caring, and beautiful inside and out. I have really been enjoying her friendship, and getting to know her more. I've also been loving all the new things I'm learning from her, like about all kinds of (new to me) social media, that microscopic mites are living in my eyelashes, how to braid hair, and how to punch a wolf in the mouth if it is attacking you... It's been a really fun week.

This past week we crossed off one of our summer bucket list items: "Ride the SunRail to Winter Park for a picnic". We planned a little trip with friends and made a go of it. 

Our friends boarded the train at the stop ahead of us, so we eagerly awaited their arrival and pick-up.  

Here it comes!

Yay friends!

We arrived at Winter Park after a fun ride, and found a beautiful setting for our picnic, park and play. We ate lunch, smelled the flowers, ran around in the grass and played in the trees.

This was our first experience on the new SunRail. I found it to be very clean and an enjoyable ride. The train ride was quiet and smooth, and the boarding process was very organized and orderly. The employees were helpful and friendly, and I felt safe while on board. We needed to use the bathroom while we were in Winter Park, and I expected a dirty and gross train station, but it was really nice. It was a fun time, and I am looking forward to going again sometime.

After a good bit of playing, it started raining. We hopped back on that train and went home. 

Until next time, Happy Monday and have a great week!

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  1. So cool! It looks like everyone had a great time!