Monday, June 23, 2014

Wildflowers, Part 2

Good morning!

So almost two months ago I wrote this post, entitled "Wildflowers" and it was about how my kids and the neighbor kids planted a few packets of wildflower seeds. We gave them the area around the oak tree to call their own, and let them do all the work themselves. They raked, and made holes, and planted seeds, and covered with soil, and watered.

And now, behold, The Wildflower Garden...


I find myself smiling at these happy little wildflowers every time I look out the window, or pull into the driveway. They are quite unruly and unmanicured, yet so colorful and fun. And the kids love that this is something of their own.



Happy Monday to ya, have a great week!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Double Wonderful French Toast

Summer is here, and we are loving our school free days. Every night the kids ask, as they always have, "what are we doing tomorrow?" and they love that my answer doesn't start with "school in the morning...". I would love to think that our days have slowed down a little, and they probably have, but we are eagerly filling them right back up with summer fun.

One of Bella's new found favorite things to do is cooking. She has been checking books out at the library and trying out new recipes.

On this particular morning, she made us breakfast called "Double Wonderful French Toast", a recipe from the book above. It was normal french toast, except it was stuffed with cream cheese or peanut butter and strawberry jam, then topped with additional jam and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Yes, I know, not the healthiest breakfast, but I'm trying not to cramp her creativity. Oh forget that, it's true, I wanted to eat the Double Wonderful French Toast myself!

She aquired two little helpers along the way that were eager to help and taste test for her.
I love how she is standing in the picture below, arms crossed and trying not to reach out and do it herself. She was gently instructing Grady on how to do it, very Mom-like.

Survey says: It was a big hit!

Happy Summer, have a great day!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bella Ballerina


My girl, Bella. She's all of seven and a half years of quiet smiles and big hugs. She's responsible, and caring. She's thoughtful and compassionate and she makes me so proud. This year was her third dance recital, and she was so excited to share it with her best friend Chloe.


Here's a little video below of her dance from dress rehearsal. Please pardon the videographer. She is neither trained, nor a professional...

Bella's Recital 2014 from This Abundant Life on Vimeo.


And now the dancing machines are done dancing for a while, sniff sniff. Next season Bella wants to do gymnastics, and Lilly wants to play soccer with Grady. It should be interesting, as always.
Have a great week folks!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Lilly, My Tiny Dancer

This weekend, my littlest dancer had her first ballet recital. She was so excited to be dancing on the big stage. This pretty little girl is an entertainer at heart. She is silly and crazy, extremely talkative, expressive and full of drama... Sometimes a little too much drama.



 I took the video below during dress rehearsal, so the "crowd" was only made up of about fifty moms, instead of a full theater. In real life there was quite a lot of hootin' and hollerin' and even more cute silliness. My favorite part is the kiss.


Little sister did a great job, and had a wonderful time. Her smile and laughter and non-stop chatter make her such a unique and special gift to our family, and we love her bunches!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Three P's, vital to life as I know it.

Three P's are very important to this home schooling, stay at home mama. These three P's make a world of difference on a crazy day and bring all of the running and rushing around to an enjoyable halt. There is quiet and nature, and shrieking and laughter, and time to relax and enjoy.

Here they are, and folks, get ready, because this is profound. It will revolutionize your life. It's called  "The Picnic, Park & Play". It works like a dream in this house. "Hey kids, wanna meet friends for a picnic, park and play?" All in unison: "Oh yes Mom! We will promptly get our clothes on, teeth brushed, and school completed quickly and to the best of our ability!!" Yeah... ok, maybe not... But the picnic, park and play does provide great motivation for all of us to get our morning work done in a timely fashion.

Sometimes we plan it a few days in advance, and sometime it works like this: At about 8:30am one mom thinks to herself, "Oh, wow. This day feels like it's going to be a long one. I should call for reinforcements." And a text goes out. "Anyone up for a picnic, park and play? 11:30 at Gemini."  And then beautiful mamas come together to enjoy a lovely time of grown up interaction while children entertain themselves, soak in some fresh air and sunshine, and play with their friends.

And sometimes we even get a little crafty. We had some sweet friends moving to Alaska, so we put the kids to work making glittered snowflakes to use as decorations for the goodbye party. (If you're reading this, Melissa, we attempted to hang all of the snowflakes from branches to look like falling snow, but it was so windy that they just turned into one big huge mess. So our very thoughtful project ended up in the trash can before you got there.)

Lilly looooves "Baby Ly-wic" (Lyric).


Swinging brothers.

In the midst of hectic and crazy days, there is strength in numbers. There is encouragement found in friendships, and joy in knowing that we're not alone. These days are treasured.