Sunday, May 4, 2014

Summer is here! (sorta, kinda)

Ya know, I don't really think we had a Spring season this year in Florida. It was cold, and now it's hot, and I don't remember much of the in between. And while yes, I am fully aware that there are still 49 days to go until it's officially summer, I'm thinking once we start hitting the 90°s, it counts as summer in my book. I'm just jumping the gun and making it official around here. Summer is heeeeeere! Tell all your friends!

Last week we hit the beach for the first time in 2014. It was as if these beach babies of mine had been bottling up all of their beach happiness and excitement and wave jumping goodness for this one moment. The moment their piggies hit the sand, I could almost hear Mel Gibson yelling "Freeeedom!".

They jumped and frolicked, and danced like a bunch of carefree little sprites.

Braveheart turned into "Chariots of Fire".

And from there, the musical in my head went to that great classic hit by David Hasslehoff from the Baywatch soundtrack, "I'll be Ready".


Ponce Inlet has been our favorite beach for as long as we've had kids. A friend asked me the other day why we like that beach so much. So here it is, my answer to that question, in picture form...

It's like one of those zero entry pools, except it is enormous. The sand is nice and soft. It's quiet and clean, and it feels relatively safe to me (as related to my fears of kids drowning, getting lost, being taken, etc...). There is a lifeguard tower right there, a pier, and an inlet, a beautiful lighthouse, and a favorite Mexican Restaurant close-by. All of these things equal our very favorite beach for so many reasons.

Soon after we got there, we were able to watch the release of two rehabilitated pelicans and a sea turtle. We didn't know about it in advance, but happened to get there just in time to join a whole bunch of others to watch this fun event.


We had fun learning a little and getting to see something new.
And then it was back to the beach.



And so we celebrated the emergence of summer 49 days early. And that's ok. We love this state in which Spring is but a fleeting thought, quickly swallowed by big bright rays of hot, hot sun. We embrace the upcoming days filled with trips to the pool, the beach, and the splash pad.
Until next time, goodbye to our favorite little place!

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  1. ahhh the beach! I'll have to get my beach fix through your photos from now on. :)