Sunday, April 13, 2014

Workin' it with Daddy. (And a fun video!)

Happy Monday!

The kids and I went to the fire station to visit Bryan last week, and came back with some fun pictures and videos.

At least once a shift he does a circuit workout, which is his own, made up, torture session exercise routine, that incorporates all kinds of work related skills. It's the first time the kids and I have gotten to see it, and it was really fun to watch (and rejoice that it's him, and not me).

It starts out with the donning of 60 pounds of equipment. He then climbs the 70 foot ladder on the tower and back down, in all of that gear (I want to faint just thinking about it). After that there is running with a giant ladder, throwing it onto the wall, climbing it up and down, then carrying it back from whence it came, in a hurried fashion. There is walking around with 50 pound weights. There is tire dragging all around the parking lot (with or without additional child weight), there is weighted sled pushing, there is hitting a tree with a 45 pound steal pole several times with each arm. There is the old hitting-a-tire-with-a-sledge-hammer-fifty-times routine, there is squeezing through tight spaces in your gear and oxygen pack, there is a pretend search for humans in a smoky fire across the bay floor, and finally, a very looong plank. In 60 pounds of gear. Without stopping once to lay down and die. And not even any crying either. In fact, there was actually smiling despite all of the sweat...

I am amazed. I swoon at this beast of a man that is mine.

Here's a fun little video from our adventure.

OFD from This Abundant Life on Vimeo.
"Hero" by Skillet.

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  1. What an adventure!! How cool that you got to see a glimpse of his work and the kids got to really be a part too. Very cool.