Friday, March 21, 2014

Catch-Up Favorites

Good morning! Today I'm going to rock a good 'ole "favorite things" post, which really means it's a post about nothing. Feel free to cut out now.

We're starting with favorite pets per Bella's request (in no particular order of favorite-ness), and who knows where we'll end up... Here we go.

First up, we have breakfast! Thank you chickens!
On Valentines Day, Leafy laid our first egg. She is an Ameraucana hen, and she lays blue eggs. Fun, right?

Lacey and Rosie are also laying now, so we are just waiting on Zebra to get with the program. Grady is all about checking for eggs. At least once an hour, he goes outside to look in the nesting boxes. And even when we're out and driving home, he asks "can I go check for an egg when we get home?" It's the highlight of his life, I think.

Just for a little refresher: Leafy is in the front, she's the one that lays blue eggs. She does not resemble a leaf in any way, however Lilly thought her name was perfect for her...  Zebra is behind her, with the black and white stripes. Rosie is red, and then Lacey is in the back.

I'm not sure they wanted their picture taken. They all look slightly irritated by my intrusion. Either that, or they were wondering if my camera was edible.

Next up...
Bella was given some spending money for her birthday, with which she bought her dream pet.

 Announcing, Princess Cupcake.

She is the softest, sweetest, cutest little furriest thing ever. She squeaks and squeals, and we love her. And really, who wouldn't love a guinea pig that wears pearls?!? You are speaking my language, Princess!

It should be noted, the other Princess of the house (Princess Prickles) has found a new home with a lovely little family with teenage kids. I think she will be happy there. I'm happy that she's there, anyway...

Bailey is next in this list of favorite pets. He turned 8 yrs old on March 21st. We sang to him (several times through out the day), and Bryan bought him a highly offensive birthday gift- Senior Citizen dog food. I think this poor old guy might have preferred a grooming.

Speaking of birthdays, that's another family favorite. We LOVE birthday parties, and getting to celebrate friends. Our little friends, twin brothers, recently celebrated their 5th birthday with a barnyard bash! It was such a fun time. There were horse rides, and hay rides, and lots of friends and fun animals to play with.



Before anyone asks, the answer is yes and no. Yes, everyone in the family completely wants a whole bunch of sweet little baby goats for pets. Well, at least the kids and I do. But no, we will not be adding a whole bunch of sweet little baby goats to our current zoo any time soon. Sadly. Very sadly. Just look at those precious little kid faces.

It was a great time, and we so enjoyed getting to celebrate these two friends!

Our Classical Conversations Community celebrated Pi Day (March 14th) with a picnic at the park, and a few pies.

That's all for now, have a great weekend friends!

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