Friday, February 14, 2014

My Funny Valentines

"Happy Valentine's Day!"
from my funny Valentines.

After seeing this Pinterest idea, I totally, unashamedly, copied it. Each morning in February leading up to the 14th, the kids woke up to a new love note hanging on their door. They read them over and over (or had Bella read it to them), and smiled as they heard listed some of the little things we love about them.

A few days after that started, some friends came over for dinner. Bella and Chloe had a great idea! They pulled out paper and stickers and scissors and glue, and busily worked on a special surprise. 

That night, Bryan and I received love notes of our own. Bella made enough for all 14 days, and just before bedtime every night, she hung them on our bedroom door. 

Ohhh, that daughter of mine. How she loves. How she gives. 
How she is grateful and kind and thoughtful.
How she makes this mamas heart smile every day. 

 After school, we had a little picnic lunch outside. The weather these past few days has been beautiful. It's cool, but warm in the sun. 

Even Bailey and his friends came to our picnic. He just loves our picnics, can't you tell?

Tonight Bryan and I went out for dinner, and the kids went to a Valentine's Day party at a friends house. They decorated cupcakes all by themselves, drank sparkling cider out of little heart cups, and had a dress up dance party. And we thoroughly enjoyed some grown-up time together. 

Good night, and have a great weekend!

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