Friday, January 24, 2014

Back to life, back to reality...

It is mid-January and our break is over. We took some time off of school for our trip to Pa, and other various Christmas events, and we enjoyed a nice long break from Classical Conversations and dance classes as well.

Now however, we are back and at it, full speed ahead, noses to the grind, baby. As much as I love nice long breaks from school and our activities, it is so nice to get back into the routine of things.

Seriously, check out this boy's cursive!

While Grady and Bella work on their school, Lilly loves to cut paper into tiny little pieces...sigh.

This past weekend we got to celebrate this little guy's second birthday at a Barnyard Brunch Birthday Party. There was a super fun little petting zoo with goats and chickens and ducks, a bunny and a pony ride, which was a HUGE hit with the kiddos! The brunch food was a huge hit with me. Stuffed French Toast, quiche Lorraine, yogurt with berries and granola, oh my goodness!

Back on the home front, it's been cold around here. Not quite "Pennsylvania cold", but close. We've had a whole lotta days in the fifties and nights in the thirties and forties. Which, while it may be completely normal for half of the world, it's pretty chilly for us. We've been getting good use out of our winter coats and sweaters, and fleece footed pajamas. The kids, not me with the footed pajamas. I don't have any of those, however, I'm thinking they might be a good choice when we go camping in a few weeks...

The good thing about Florida in the winter, is that the sun still shines almost all of the time. Except at night, of course. But I remember so many cold, wet, dreary days up north. There's not much of that here.

This is Molly. She is Lilly's very favorite "baby" right now. She goes everywhere with her, even to the bathroom. A good portion of the time, Lilly is pregnant with Baby Molly, and she is stuffed in her shirt. "Molly likes to go potty, Mama." "Molly likes to watch me brush my teeth, Mama." "Mama. Mama. Molly likes to play outside." "Mama, please take Molly's picture. Smile, Molly...."

Our baby chicks are almost  all grown up. We are still waiting on eggs from our two oldest, which will indicate "all grown up". Leafy and Rosie are 4 1/2 months, so it could be any day now. Lacey and Zebra (the two black and white ones) are a month younger, so they still have some time.

It's official, 4 out of 4 chickens love avocado.

"You got some on your beak there Sis, let me help you out..."

Since it's been so cold, a lot of our playdate time has been inside. This is fun for the kids, except when it's time to clean up the toys...

Pink sparkle painted nails are super fun!
And these four little warriors are "off to battle"!
Watch out!

So as it seems, back to the grind, is really not a bad gig at all. School, dance, Classical Conversations, playdates, Florida sunshine, birthday celebrations, friends and family, all make "normal" life so very good. (Now all we need is a little beach weather!)

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