Thursday, December 26, 2013


So, I hate to start out this way, but here it is. This month, while it has been full of really fun holiday things, it has been tainted with the impending death of my grandfather. Grandpa was a regular reader of this little space, and so I have been hesitant to post much about his condition.

My grandfather was an amazing man. He was funny, he smiled, he joked and laughed. He loved me, he loved his family. He loved my husband and my babies, and he loved God. He was extremely generous and caring, and was truly a wonderful part of our family's history.

On Sunday afternoon, after a day of not speaking, he spoke. "Heaven is coming. Happy, happy, happy". I rushed to Melbourne to hold his hand. My mom read The Bible to him, and prayed with him. And I sat beside him and sang hymns. My sweet grandpa died at 1am early Monday morning. My mom and dad and I stood beside him as he took his last breath. We cleaned him. We waited with him. We cried as we watched his covered body roll out of the door, never to be seen again.

And now we try our best to rejoice in the fact that he no longer suffers, and that he is walking streets of gold with the Savior he loves. While we try our best to remember that this is truly for the best, it's also so sad. We miss him, and our hearts hurt for our own loss.

It's been a stressful month, and I kinda needed to take some time off from this little blog, just to focus more on family stuff. We are currently on our way to Pennsylvania for a memorial service. It's very bittersweet. While I want to have a fun time, and enjoy some unplanned  time with our family and friends, and maybe get to see some snow, it's also shrouded with grief. I usually enjoy packing for a trip, but this time I have dreaded it.

I've got a LOT to write about, and a lot of fun pictures to share from this past month. Thanks for your patience during this time, while I've been so absent.

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