Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wishful thinking.

My grandfather has come from Pennsylvania, and is staying at my parents house. We LOVE him, so very much, and are happy to have him so close. We are soaking up as much grandpa time with him as we can right now.

He and the kids were going through old pictures, and he explained who was who, and what was going on in the different pictures. There were lots of good stories!

This is one of my favorite pictures. It's of my sister and I, watching my grandpa shave.

We also found my grandmothers jewelry box, filled with treasures untold.

Can you spot baby Amy?

I've been thinking a lot lately about my grandma. She died when I was fourteen, and I struggle to remember her. I wish I could hear her voice. I wish I would have asked her a million things about her childhood, and her parents, and her life growing up. I would have liked to have known about her testimony, and what her favorite songs were, and what she was most thankful for. I wish I could have asked her what she would have liked us to remember about her. I wish I would have asked her what her hopes were for our family. I wish I would have offered to help her, to get her a drink, to walk with her, to sit with her more, to kiss her head, and hold her hand.

It's been on my heart to do all of those things now, with my grandpa. I've been taking videos, doing interviews, and snapping pictures. He is such an amazing part of our family, and I don't want to look back with regrets some day and say "I wish I would have".  I so very much want to remember him. I want to remember his smile, and his laugh, and how he says "Oooh, Amy." And I want my children to be able to remember him too.

So if you have the opportunity to sit down with some of the patriarchs and matriarchs of your family and interview them, I strongly encourage it. Think of questions you will want to know later in the future. It might be about their favorite family vacations, or what they thought of your dad when your mom brought him home. Ask about their grandparents, what life was like when they were little, about the cost of groceries, clothing and gas were when they were young. And if you're able to record it, that's even better. I want to start doing these things with everyone in my family, because truly, we never know what tomorrow will bring.

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  1. You’re doing great!! These are such precious memories and they will help you remember…
    I kept a favorite shirt of Dad’s and a favorite sweater of Mom’s and placed them in my closet so I always see them. I made up a special small scrapbook of my Mom and need to do one of my Dad and placed some other objects in a box… again… it reminds me of them but it is tucked away on a shelf for special days…