Monday, November 4, 2013

The Renaissance Faire

This past weekend we went to The Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire in Tavares, Florida. We went on Education Day, which was really fun, because the place was full of other home schooling families, CC groups from around Florida, and other school age children.

On the website, they list a bunch of educational activities to prepare you for the big event. Bryan printed a few blank Coat of Arms and instructions for the kids to work on while we drove.

Bella chose a dolphin and a rainbow for her coat of arms, which represent good times after bad, and swiftness, diligence and love. Grady drew a snake, which represents wisdom, and Lilly chose a peacock which is supposed to remind of us of beauty, power and knowledge.

From the website:
The Faire features over 100 performers – including jugglers, knights in armor, jousting, fire-eaters, pirates, dancers, villagers, historical characters and a variety of musicians. Over 60 artisans fill the village, working in mediums such as pottery, leather work, blacksmithing, sculpture, candle making, just to name a few. The crafts and entertainment combine with thematic games and foods to create a glimpse of marketplace celebrations and life in the 16th century.

This was our second year attending. Last year, since it was all brand new and exciting, the pictures I took were much better. This year however, we went with friends, and saw lots of people there that we knew, so that was fun too.

The King and Queen.

I was super excited to get to hear a Madrigal group of singers perform.  

The five of us tried our hands in archery. 
Bryan looks skeptical of my skills in the picture below. 

It should be said, that out of the five of us, only one of us was able to send an arrow into the bad guy's head... I don't want to go naming any names... so I'll just say it wasn't Bryan, Bella, Grady or Lilly... Imagine that you can see it there, because I didn't actually get a picture of it after that fatal arrow.

After archery, the boys decided to engage in a friendly little game of water balloon battle.



And then that was followed by trash talking...

              "Dude, I totally soaked you!"                 "What are you talking about? I'm completely dry!"

Ohhh, that was good fun. But then my husband wanted me to suffer along with him (I mean, cool off in a refreshing game of boys against girls water balloons). And those boys soaked us. 

The rest of the day was filled with horse rides, talking to a very fun and interesting crazy lady named Loony Lucy, listening to some music, visiting with the king, and sword fighting. We had a good time together.

The End!