Friday, November 8, 2013

Random Good Things.

Happy Friday to ya!
The weather is cool this morning, which means the kids are running back and forth on the sidewalk,  frolicking about, thankful for Fall. And I'm thankful too. Thankful for them. Thankful for their precious little happy hearts, for their smiles, and boundless energy. Thankful for sunshine and a cool breeze. Thankful for friends that stop by to drop off fresh cucumbers from their garden.  Thankful for coffee in hand, and a sweatshirt within reach. Thankful for my husband, working hard for his family.

Last night I found a whole bunch of forgotten pictures from the past week or two, so I'm throwing together a little "random" post, full of good, favorite things.

Good favorites, like these little loves. Loved so much by their mamas and daddies.

(And good naps, crashed on the floor, following a hard day at play!!)

This amazingly good Fall weather makes school just a bit more enjoyable, when we're sitting outside.

Bailey & Zebra.
True love. I think Zebra was missin' her mama, because she was a chirping machine. Non-stop, all of the time, peep peep peep peep... It was as if she were calling out to her. The only time the chipping would quiet, was when she was with Bailey. He sat, and she snuggled up under him and closed her eyes. And he didn't seem to mind. Over the past week, she has changed, grown up a bit. She's bigger, and also not so chirpy. But they are still sweet friends.

Oh!! Here's a super good favorite of ours! Our Best English Friends Forever! Our BEFFs! Miss Kay, and her parents Mr. Keith and Ms. Julie have come again. That means happy hugs, WAY too many gifts of chocolate, sweets and hostess gifts, a really enjoyable dinner followed by piano playing, a show from the kids, and more hugs. We love them.

Here's something else that's fun and good! This past week was "bring a friend" week at dance class. Bella brought her best friend Chloe. They were so absolutely cute together. And Bella had so much fun having her friend there with her.

If I still had my old pictures, I would include here, a super cute picture of Bella 10 months old, pushing Chloe 16 months old in a little push-walker toy. You'll have to use your imagination. They were adorable, and have best been friends ever since.

And I think that's all I've got for now, I've gotta run. I'm currently acting as the secretary for Bella's Dance Studio. She is taking students for her "little kids class", her "regular kids class", and her "adults, couples, and old ladies class". Whether you know it or not, you just might be signed up for a class! All kinds of our friends and family have been calling this morning. This is a very busy business, you know.

Have a great weekend!

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