Saturday, November 16, 2013

Boogie Boogie Hedgehog.

Happy Saturday!
So in the past, this video has been a family favorite. You'll enjoy it, although you might hate me when you're still singing that catchy little tune two days from now! 

Ever since the kids first watched it, there has been mention off and on about wanting a pet hedgehog. Then this past weekend we went to the Fall Festival, and there was a girl carrying her pet hedgehog around. The kids petted it, and fell in love. And oh, how they wanted one of their own.

On Monday, Bella asked me how much one of these adorable little pets would cost. So I pulled up Craigslist, and typed in "hedgehog". Well, a brand new baby can cost up to $150, but wouldn't you know there was a woman, right in our town, a mile away from us, selling her hedgehog for $50! AND she came with a cage, aspen wood chips, some food and a little fence for exercise time. Will wonders never cease?

So I contacted her, asked her a few questions about her special pet, and we waited for her reply. Well, her reply was lengthy, to say the least. It was all about how she doesn't like loud noises so we should try to minimize those "because we wouldn't want her to have a little heart attack". And she might not let us hold her for two months, because she doesn't like new people and has to get used to their scents before she trusts them. She can't be in temperatures under 70* or over 85*. She can only have a certain type of bedding, and she must get exercise every day. She is nocturnal, and gets grumpy if you wake her up during the day "you would too, if someone woke you up out of your sleep". The list went on and on.

My first response was, "Oh, good grief! That is just not going to work in this house. I don't have time for a diva hedgehog".  But the children whined, and then I started thinking that maybe this lady just babied this little thing too much, and maybe all of that drama isn't necessary. So the next evening we went to pick her up. (We had to wait until after 7:45pm, so as not to disrupt her sleep, and make her grumpy...). The kids named her Princess Prickle, and couldn't wait to get home to play with her.

We brought her home, sat her cage on the floor in the kitchen, opened the lid and peered in, five strange faces, all "oohing and ahhhing" and saying "how cute!". And would you believe that thing hissed at us?! And flexed her razor sharp pokers in our general direction?! I guess Bryan thought maybe she was just kidding, so he stuck his hand in there to pet her, and sure enough, he got poked and hissed at.

She hates us. Forget about grumpy, that thing is nasty! So after we all sat there in a bit of shock, we went to bed.

The next morning, sure enough, she slept.

And slept.

And slept, until after dinner. And then Bryan had had enough of that diva drama, and said, "That's it. I'm not having a pet that hisses at me, and that I can't touch!" And with that, he walked outside. And then he came back with some special firefighting rescue gloves. And then we all proceeded to hold and pet and speak all cutsie to a nasty little beast that was hissing at us and trying to poke us. But we did not care, because we were teaching her that even when she's nasty, we will still love on her.

Yesterday at BJ's I bought her a giant sized bag of cat food. I can honestly say, that I never thought, in a million years, that I would be buying cat food. I think just looking at that smiling cat on the cover makes me want to sneeze. But the princess eats cat food, so that is what I bought.

And in an effort to keep up her exercise routine (and also to show her we're not afraid of her), we took her outside for some run around time.

I think she LOVED the grass. She ran around sniffing and laughing, and singing a little tune. Well, maybe not that part, but most of her quills went down and she seemed relaxed and sweet.

I guess we'll keep her around for a while. She is pretty cute.

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  1. My favorite part "I don't have time for a diva hedgehog!" hahah!
    She really is SO CUTE!