Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A week in review.

It's kind of funny to me now, looking back on my perception of what my new stay at home mom life would be like, before it happened. I thought I would suddenly have two more full days worth of time, to accomplish all kinds of wonderful things. I would put extra time into the kids' schooling, I would plan a million play dates and brunches. I would stay on top of the laundry and the grocery shopping, and I would never get home from the grocery store just to realize that we are all out of milk, and I forgot to buy any...

That makes me laugh now. I also thought I would be so much more on top of my photos and my little space here in the middle of the world wide web. A month ago, I stayed up late all of the time, getting the vast majority of my blogging done between 10pm and midnight. Suddenly now, I'm all kinds of tired at ten o'clock, and I don't give a rip about pictures, I just want to go to bed.

It's life, and it's a changin'. It always is, isn't it? I am completely LOVING this new norm. People keep asking me if I miss work at all, and the answer is "No way, Jose". I would love to see my co-workers again, but as far as donning my brown scrubs and my squeaky shoes, and waving "goodbye" to my husband and babies, no thanks, I'm good. I'm happy going to bed early, and throwing blogging to the wind... well, sort of. (Don't worry mom, I'm just kidding!)

Anyway, all of that being said, this post is going to be a long one. It's this past week in review, and kind of in fast forward.

Bryan's sister Brittany is a teacher and this past Friday her school hosted it's annual Fall Festival. My kids and husband have gone with Brittany & Bryan's parents for the past two years, but this is the first year I wasn't working and got to go as well. They have a tradition of going to a local pizza place for dinner after the festival, and that might have been my favorite part. I love pizza from a pizzeria, where you can see the guys cooking it right there in front of you. It's somehow so much better than the Newman's Own frozen pizza I usually pull out in an emergency... I digress. Anyway, we had such a fun time at the festival, and enjoyed a delicious dinner as well.

"Hooray for bounce houses!"

There were a bunch of fun farm animals to pet and feed there, as well. There were alpacas, and sheep, and chickens, and a piggy, and a hedgehog (ahem), and a bunny.

 And then, after bidding on some great baskets at the silent auction, we proceeded to dinner, at yes, an amazing pizza place.

Saturday morning, I woke up to one of my favorite days. It happens once a year, always in November. It's pond clean-out day, and I love it. Once a year we pull the fish out of the pond, transfer them to big plastic boxes, and drain the pond. Bryan pressure washes it, replaces any rocks that have been thrown in by naughty children, rinses it a bunch of times, and then refills it. And then the fish return to their new sparkling clean home.

We have four koi fish, and one mystery fish. This is Mrs. Miyagi, above and below. She is our biggest fish (as long as the entire plastic bin), and mother to three of our other fish. She was named Mr. Miyagi when we bought her (9 years ago), but then she got pregnant, and Mr. became Mrs.

We are almost sure that all of our fish are female, as we have gone several years now without any babies. 

The kids get to help with pretty much everything except using the pressure washer. They love getting soaking wet, and "swimming" in the pond during refill time.

I didn't take a "before" picture, but this is "after". So pretty.

Big Jack is our mutt. Two years ago, we went to the pet store to buy hermit crabs for the kids, and ended up coming home with a crab for Bella and a fish for Grady. Grady "adopted" him and then named him Big Jack, even though he was the smallest fish we had.

Oh, sweet boy, two years ago. He was almost three. 

Big Jack is still the smallest fish in the pond, but he/she sure has grown in the past two years.
(And tonight I'm thankful for FB and the fact that some of my children's sweet pictures from the past are retrievable!)

Saturday night I got to go out for a most enjoyable dinner with ten of my old friends from work. Or friends from my old work. Or friends with whom I used to work, and have known for a long time. They are a beautiful bunch of woman, and I appreciate their friendship.

And finally, the chickens and their chicken coop.

Good ole' Bailey!

The big sisters have officially moved out of the garage, and into the coop. (However, as I'm typing this, they are back in the garage next to the baby sisters, under the heat lamp, since it's going to be a chilly night.)

Bryan wanted something portable that could be moved all over the yard (so as not to kill any one patch of grass, and partially to fertilize the grass as it moved as well.) He also didn't want to spend much money on it. The top piece of the roof still needs to be fitted and attached, but it is otherwise complete, and all for less than $50. The chickens seem to like it too, which is an added bonus.

Hello Rosie and Leafy!

Coming up, a new family pet for the Buckman's, and Grady's 5th birthday party. 
Have a great day!

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