Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Historical Halloween.

Happy November!

This year marked our 6th annual Halloween event with Bryan's parents and sister and her family. We start with dinner, then change into costumes, take pictures on the hill in their backyard, and then rock some neighborhood trick-or-treating. 

Every year in Classical Conversations (which is a classical learning group and home school adjunct that our kids are part of) they do a week called "Fall into History". The children dress up as historical characters, and then do a presentation about their choice. This year, in an attempt to make life a bit easier, the kids chose Halloween costumes that will double has their historical character for CC.   

Bella was Pharaoh's daughter, and Lilly was Miriam (with baby Moses). 

Grady wanted to be King Richard the Lionhearted.

And Elise was a cute little Ladybug. 
(Last year, at this same time, we were announcing news of Brittany's pregnancy, and now here she is!)

After the ceremonial pictures on the hill, we proceeded on with trick-or-treating. Their neighborhood is small and everyone knows each other, so it's a bit like a social event. We always start at Bill and Sharon's house, and stand and chat for a few minutes, and then move on down the street, stopping to exchange friendly "hello's" and catch up a bit at each house. This year Bill and Sharon joined us, and we all paraded down the street together. We only managed to get to about ten houses before the kids were tired of accruing ridiculous amounts of candy, and wanted to go back. 

We finished the evening with dessert (NOT candy), pajamas, and reading with Nana. 
And we were thankful for a great night with family.

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