Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Mocking Bird

So yesterday, as if it were a cruel joke, the hawk was circling our house, calling out "caw, caw, caw..". I think it was mocking us. I shook my fist at it, and said "just wait 'til my husband gets home, you nasty hawk!" Then I glared at it. I think it is secretly scared of me.

That afternoon, some friends came over for a bit. We've had "do Operation Christmas Child boxes" on our to do list for a few weeks, so I thought it would be a great activity to keep the kids busy with. First they colored pictures to put in the boxes to bring an extra smile to a sweet child's face.

And then we got to packing. This is obviously the most fun part. The kids went back and forth choosing which gifts would be best for an older girl, a younger girl, an older boy, a younger boy, etc...  We had a good time.

After our friends had gone, we worked on some things for Grady's Swamp Birthday Party.

And finally, last night, we had a little burial service for Grady's chicken, Lemonade. We all stood around a little hole in the ground, and said a few words about how she was a good chicken. Goodbye little Lemonade. You were a good chicken.

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