Saturday, October 5, 2013

Surfing Chicks.

I don't even know where to start. This week has been something else. Emotional ups and downs, left and right and in circles. It started with me dropping my laptop on the floor, and my hard drive ruined. I thought the computer was a goner, which made me sad, but I was comforted by the fact that I had done a back-up before we left for Pennsylvania. Bryan replaced the hard drive, and the computer was running again. However, it turns out that the back-up did not back up, wait for it... ANY of my pictures and videos. I am fighting back burning, stinging tears just typing that. Welp, I take that back, I'm back to crying all over again. I'm talking all of my pictures. Pictures from when Bryan and I were dating, pictures from my first pregnancy, delivery, baby, baby baths, baby steps, baby teeth, baby words, baby laughing and sleeping and eating and all of that times three. Three beautiful sweet babes. And their mother, their ever-loving, camera toting EVERYWHERE, mother, with NOTHING to show for all of those years.

We're planning to send the hard drive to a data recovery place, so there is still a small shred of hope.

Back on the home front, we got home from Pennsylvania, and made the crazy decision to get some chickens again. I'm not sure what came over us, I guess we are hoping that these aren't the kind of chickens that poop everywhere...

We got three this time, each of the children chose their own.

This is Bella's Rhode Island Red Chicken, named Rosie (on the left), and Grady's Buff Orpington Chicken named Lemonade (on the right).

And this is Leafy, Lilly's Ameraucana Chicken, which will one day lay bluish greenish eggs.
Part of me feels the need to apologize to these chicks. I'm sure they had high hopes of life on a great farm, summer dirt baths, wide open fields and quiet pastures...
I'm so sorry sweet baby chicks.

But they will be loved, of that I am sure.

Happy weekend to ya!
Enjoy your day.
(And right now, while you're thinking about it, back up your data on something that actually works.)

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