Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"If I had to have a job..."

My last day of work (for now) was this past Monday. It was bittersweet. I've always said, "If I had to have a job, this is where I'd want to be."

"This" being Winnie Palmer Hospital, on the PACU unit (Recovery Room). Here are a few of the reasons that I really enjoyed working at this place...

~It's a beautiful building, even with the construction.

 ~ My favorite bay/cave. This bay has been the night shifters preference since we opened the doors.

~My name on the wall. There are several places throughout the hospital where our names are listed for various giving and certifications. That's kinda fun.

~But by far, the best thing about my unit is the people! (I gave my camera to some of the girls to run around taking pictures for me, and that is a dangerous thing to do. When I sat down to view my pictures, there were some surprises... ahem...) I took leis (leftover from Lilly's party) to use as part of the celebration.

On my last day, they threw a little party for me. They had asked me what kind of foods I wanted, and I rattled off some suggestions like "Cheri's cheeseball, Cherry's pancit, cake from Carolyn, something sweet from Bobbie," etc... Would you believe there was all of that and more?! There was rice, and beans, and meatballs and weenies, and a taco bake, and and fruit and veg, and desserts a plenty. Oh, and there were pretty fall decorations and flowers, and gifts. It was such a sweet surprise, and I am so thankful to have worked with these girls.

And finally, a little word about my shoes. I have had my Danskos since before Bella was born. They are the squeakiest shoes I have ever met. I can't sneak anywhere, and everyone always hears me coming. The shoes announce my presence, long before I can be seen, and co-workers would actually say, "here comes Amy". Also, they are falling apart a bit, but I have thus far refused to buy a new pair, because they are expensive, and I just never really cared about the squeaking and fraying. So on my last day we sat around joking about how I was going to burn them, or bury them. Then we discussed getting a cauterizer and blazing our names in them, and then that turned into this...

And now instead of burning them or burying them, I want to frame them forever. They are my new favorite shoes. I came home late that night, and sprayed those babies with polyurethane so that none of the names would fade off. Silly, huh? I guess I'm just a sentimental sap.  Anyway, it was a great last day, and I left with wonderful memories. Thank you, my friends!

To Kay, I added your name myself, front and center, because it belongs there. The fact that you called me several times from across the world, just to hear me say "Recovery, this is Amy" one last time, makes me smile, but reminds me that you were my favorite part of that job. Love and miss you!! xoxo

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