Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Goodness gracious, snakes alive!

We had a rough start to the morning today. All three children woke up between five thirty and six. Lilly went back to sleep and I thought Bella and Grady did as well. I was wrong. Bryan left for work around 6:30, and the two of them went downstairs. They played with the chickens in the garage, and then went out back, all while I was sound asleep. I awoke around 7:30 to the sound of them screaming "SNAKE", and rushing up the stairs to get me. That probably was not the best wake up I've ever had...

Apparently, they were outside playing, when they opened the box on the back porch (that holds all of our outdoor junk), and a snake was laying right there on top, looking at them. Let it be known, I'm just about over snakes. And I'm over screaming about snakes, and seeing snakes, and snakes near my kids. I'm all snaked out for now.

So anyway, I rushed downstairs and grabbed my camera and went outside. Here's a little tidbit, if you ever need to remember what something looks like, when you know you might only get to see it for half a second, take your camera. A picture is better than any memory I have, and when it's the matter of what kind of a snake is on my back porch, it's important to know.

Hello, friendly Red Rat snake. I used to have you and your friends as pets. Thank you for coming to live in my yard and feast on the abundance of frogs here. I would like to ask however, that from now on, you remain out of sight. Thank you.

After I took the picture above, of the snake poking out of the top of the box, I reassured the kids that this is a friendly snake, and not to be overly concerned. Then I opened the box to get a better look. And that thing LEAPED out, right at me. I screamed and jumped, and it slithered under the box. I shivered. I shuttered.

Well, the kids were not phased at all by my jumping and screaming and shivering and shuttering, and in fact, were all the more eager to go on a snake hunt.

One would think that getting bitten by a rattlesnake might strike a little fear in the child bitten, or the children that watched it happen... not so much.

The only thing they found in all of their hunting, was this cute little guy. If he was smart, he would go find a new place to live. It's a jungle around here, buddy!

After breakfast, we got dressed in "Pennsylvania clothes" since it was feeling like "Pennsylvania weather" and did our school on the back porch. The cooler temps today were a sweet blessing and we enjoyed being outside.

"Guess what?!? Fall is here!"(at least for today)!

And finally, there's this... I still have two more shifts at work, until I'm an official SAHM (stay at home mama)! Let me just pause and read that again... ahhh yes. Anyway, this coming Tuesday it will be true. I'm already feeling a little nervous excitement about money, and our budget, and just how this is all going to work out. And I know it all will work out, but part of me is really looking forward to seeing the "how" in all of it.

First of all, I want to address the many friends, family and fellow mamas that have expressed support of our family's decision. You and your sweet words are appreciated more than you know.

And second, to the mamas out there that have mentioned feeling jealous or envious, I just want to mention that we will be a family of five living on a fireman's salary. We're making the choice to live frugally so that I can stay home and homeschool my children. It's not going to be all fun and games around here folks, but it is what we feel is best for our family. I am fully aware that we may not be able to afford dance classes and theme park passes in the future. My "Amy's fund" budget is being cut, our "dining out" budget is being cut, as are our "vacation" and "entertainment" budgets as well, until we are able to re-evaluate where we stand. Making the choice to go without some of the fun things we enjoyed in order to focus on our family is just that, a choice. I'm not necessarily "lucky", I'm just choosing to do without in some areas, in order to have more in other areas. So while I am super grateful that we are making this decision, I also want to be keeping it real. Things are a changin' around here!

Changin' like, if you hear of a community garage sale, let me know! Who knows what I might need to get on the cheap! I'm already trying to think about things thrifty and frugally, which I have to say, is fun. I'm also looking for money saving ideas especially in the area of healthy eating. Any ideas or recipes you want to share? Do you have any good websites that you reference often for money saving tips? I'm all ears!

Three cheers to the future!

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