Thursday, October 3, 2013

An exciting announcement...

No, I am not pregnant.

And no, my laptop still is not fixed, so my blogging dreams are still on hold at the moment.

However, here is my exciting news...

Yesteray I turned in my letter of resignation.

Since before I was married I wanted to be a stay at home mama, but for whatever reason, we never made it a priority.  We enjoyed being comfortable. I enjoyed that we stocked our vacation, entertainment and dining out budgets, and that because of my working, we were able to easily do those fun things.

The thing is (and this is truly just about my family situation) I want my family to be my priority. I want to be 100% present. I want to manage my home, and our homeschool. I don't want to be splitting the work with my husband and passing like ships in the night. I want to teach and raise my children, and not miss important moments with them. And thankfully, Bryan and I both agree that me staying home with the children is the right choice for our family.

My heart is just so heavy for making the most of the days that we have, while we have them, and I don't want to trade precious time with my little loves for money.

So yesterday, I did something that was actually pretty difficult for me, and turned in my letter of resignation. I found myself fighting back tears several times throughout the day, and thinking over and over "I can't believe I won't be doing this in a month".  I've worked as a registered nurse for over twelve years, the last ten of them for Orlando Health.  I've never left a job that I really like, and it's hard. I enjoy the work I do and the women I take care of. I'm proud of the hospital that I work for, and I truly consider my co-workers to be friends that I has spent years of my life with.

And with that, my bittersweet last working day will be Monday, October 14th. Then I will officially be a stay at home mama! Yay, HOORAY!

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