Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Little Story: Sweet Lemonade

For the past week or two, the chicks have been enjoying free range freedom and liberty in the backyard. They spend their time under cover of some sort either under the iris leaves, or behind and under the palm, or under the plant shelf. They waste the day away, eating bugs, rustling around, and taking dirt baths. And then right at dusk, they come up to the sliding glass door and tap on the glass with their beaks, to let us know it's time to go back to their little home.

Well today, Grady and I were sitting on the couch in the living room reviewing numbers, when I saw a flash of huge white feathers out the window. I yelled for Bryan, and we both went running out the sliding glass door, just in time to see a huge hawk flying over the fence with Lemonade.

(I added a few hawk pictures just in case you need a visual.)

While I stood on a bucket to watch over the fence in horror, Bryan went running across the yard, leaped OVER our six foot fence, and chased that hawk DOWN! I just want to say that again, he chased a hawk down. Because it took our baby chick. Ok, moving on. He ran through the neighbors yard, across the street, and into the next neighbors yard, before that hawk dropped poor sweet Lemonade. And then our Hero came walking home, holding that poor baby. She was shaking and bleeding and breathing fast . Her little eyes were closed and her mouth was hanging open.

We made a little chicken hospital for her, and kept her separate from the other two. So far she's been able to stand for brief periods, but her wing looks as though it might have been hurt. She was so traumatized, we really didn't want to do too much assessing on her, we thought some peace and quiet might be her best option.

On a side note, it may sound strange, but I love to see how the little hearts of my children react to hard situations. Whether it is someone that they love that has just been diagnosed with cancer, or family members in and out of the hospital, or a hurt baby chicken, their first instinct is to pray, and we pray every time it comes to their minds. I love that they are learning now, that there are times in life when really, the only thing we've got, is prayer. We can't make the cancer go away, or the chicken heal, but we can sit at the feet of the one who made the world, and everything in it, and cry our hearts out. And He hears us. And He loves us. And we know that in all things He works for the good of those who love Him.

The moral of this story is two fold. The chicks are not ready to free range around the yard, and Dude. Do not mess with my husband!

The End

I wrote this post last night, with high hopes that Lemonade would make a full recovery or at least be feeling much better by this morning. This morning, our sweet little chick was dead, so we will be holding a little burial service later this evening.


  1. Oh my word! Way to go Bryan! When you said the hawk grabed the chick I thought for sure she was gone for good!

  2. Well, you did your best to save the chick!
    Bryan, perhaps you should train for the the next high jump Olympics!?!