Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Give Thanks.

It's almost November, and I am getting a jump start on my list of "thankfuls".  There are so many things. The list starts with the obvious, like a house, a car, food to eat, clothing to wear, my husband, children, our families, our health, etc... and just goes on and on down to the little things, like warm socks on a cold night. Here's a few random items from my list:

~I'm thankful, for silly things in the middle of an evening that make me smile. I bet this squirrel was thankful, when after looking high and low for something to eat, he stumbled upon a delicious turkey and cheese wrap, left by an unsuspecting little girl. He actually pulled the wrap off of her plate to eat it, and then went back to check and see if there was anything else left on the plate. Little rascal. 

I'm thankful for...
~the privilege of "staying home" and teaching my children.
~my laptop, and that my husband was able to fix it.
~children that are each unique, special in their own way.
~family vacations.
~my parents and Bryan's parents, our sisters and their families.
~my dog Bailey.
~smiling faces. There's always something to smile about, right?!

~I'm thankful for friends that came from hours away, and made time for us to hang out together. On a side note, I have never met a child that enjoys playing in dirt as much as this little gal. She was in dirt heaven, practically bathing in it. And yet still, she manages to look sweet and adorable.

 I'm thankful for...
~grace, grace, God's grace. 
~a husband that works hard to provide for our family, and loves me so much.
~my camera.
~our friends and family, near and far.
~our friends that we go through life with. The ones that pray for us, encourage us, ask us how our week went, and bring us dinner when we have a baby.
~parades and street fairs.

~I'm thankful that my children are learning a little bit of responsibility, and how to care for animals with these chicks of ours. Oh, how they love them, and snuggle them, and sweetly smile at them. They talk to them all motherly, and it makes me proud.

The big sisters are now a month old.

I'm thankful for...
~hand-me-downs for the kids. I am SO thankful for clothes from friends and family.
~air conditioning, a dishwasher, a washer and dryer, a water heater, a stove, fridge, freezer and electricity.
~cooler temperatures and open windows.
~our church and our church family. I love them.
~my cell phone.
~the internet, Google and Facebook.
~Immaculate Collection Cookies.

~I'm thankful for children that play nicely together. Of course, there is always occasional fighting and hitting and "he said/she said..." waa waa waa, but they love each other, and are thankful to have each other.

Grady found an egg in the backyard, so they sat around discussing what type of nest they should make for it, and what it might be, etc.

I'm thankful for...
~my flatiron.
~the beach.
~dates with my husband.
~text messaging.
~my Bible.

~I'm thankful for my husband's little urban garden, and our fresh veggies.

I'm thankful for...
~coupons and sales.
~bike rides with Bella.
~Chic-fil-a on occasion.
~make-up, deoderant and toothpaste.
~our firepit.
~my crock pot.
~birthday children, and birthday parties!

~I'm thankful for my grandparents. One of my grandfathers just underwent surgery on his leg, and I am thankful that he is recovering. We have been praying so much for him.

I'm thankful for...
~children that enjoy making cards and pictures for others.
~a son that is rocking his cursive. (Not too shabby for a four, almost five, year old!)
~contentment and a peaceful heart.
~34 years of life.
~grocery stores.

~I'm thankful for friends that come over to play, and I am REALLY thankful that I have the availability to say to a mama-friend, "I feel like I haven't seen you in a while, wanna come have lunch and hang out?"

I'm thankful for...
~a song in my heart.
~a daughter that loves to read.
~sweet sleep.
~the completely healed right foot of my three year old.
~clean water to drink.
~Classical Conversations.

~I'm thankful that the girls are able to take dance classes. I don't know how much longer they'll want to continue with it, but I sure enjoy watching them learn new things, and make new friends. This week was costume week at dance. Lilly was a "ballet dancer" and Bella was an Egyptian Princess/Pharaoh's daughter.

I could go on and on. Give it a try sometime. Have a contest with your family over dinner. Go round and round, each person stating something they are thankful for, until someone runs out. If nothing else, making a list helps keep life in perspective. We really do have SO much to be thankful for.
Ephesians 5:20
Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
Psalm 106:1
Praise the Lord! Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!
2 Corinthians 9:15
Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!
James 1:17
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.
1 Thessalonians 5:18
Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
Colossians 3:15
And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Zebra & Lacey.

Today, after a little discussion, a little pleading, and a little internet research, we made the decision to purchase a replacement chick for Grady. The big chicks will be moving to the coup soon, and we didn't want the new baby to be all alone... so we bought two. (Sigh.) But for the first time ever, I was able to pick out my own baby chick. Grady and I looked online at a bunch of different breeds, and finally decided on our choices. The funny thing is, they look very similar, which I think is cute.

Grady chose a Plymouth Barred Rock, and named her Zebra, for obvious reasons.

I chose a Silver Laced Wyandotte, and named her Lacey. Also, not a very original name.

And now, with no further ado, I introduce to you our new chicks, Lacey and Zebra.

Lacey is 2 weeks old, and Zebra is 3 days old.
I was a little worried that Lacey would pick on Zebra because she is smaller, but that Zebra is a sassy little thing. She was jumping straight out of the box on the way home, and when we introduced them, she pecked at Lacey. Tonight we went out to say "goodnight" to them, and Zebra jumped on top of Lacey to see us better. I think that means that they get along swimmingly, and are already best sister friends.

Happy weekend to ya!
Have a great one!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Mocking Bird

So yesterday, as if it were a cruel joke, the hawk was circling our house, calling out "caw, caw, caw..". I think it was mocking us. I shook my fist at it, and said "just wait 'til my husband gets home, you nasty hawk!" Then I glared at it. I think it is secretly scared of me.

That afternoon, some friends came over for a bit. We've had "do Operation Christmas Child boxes" on our to do list for a few weeks, so I thought it would be a great activity to keep the kids busy with. First they colored pictures to put in the boxes to bring an extra smile to a sweet child's face.

And then we got to packing. This is obviously the most fun part. The kids went back and forth choosing which gifts would be best for an older girl, a younger girl, an older boy, a younger boy, etc...  We had a good time.

After our friends had gone, we worked on some things for Grady's Swamp Birthday Party.

And finally, last night, we had a little burial service for Grady's chicken, Lemonade. We all stood around a little hole in the ground, and said a few words about how she was a good chicken. Goodbye little Lemonade. You were a good chicken.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Little Story: Sweet Lemonade

For the past week or two, the chicks have been enjoying free range freedom and liberty in the backyard. They spend their time under cover of some sort either under the iris leaves, or behind and under the palm, or under the plant shelf. They waste the day away, eating bugs, rustling around, and taking dirt baths. And then right at dusk, they come up to the sliding glass door and tap on the glass with their beaks, to let us know it's time to go back to their little home.

Well today, Grady and I were sitting on the couch in the living room reviewing numbers, when I saw a flash of huge white feathers out the window. I yelled for Bryan, and we both went running out the sliding glass door, just in time to see a huge hawk flying over the fence with Lemonade.

(I added a few hawk pictures just in case you need a visual.)

While I stood on a bucket to watch over the fence in horror, Bryan went running across the yard, leaped OVER our six foot fence, and chased that hawk DOWN! I just want to say that again, he chased a hawk down. Because it took our baby chick. Ok, moving on. He ran through the neighbors yard, across the street, and into the next neighbors yard, before that hawk dropped poor sweet Lemonade. And then our Hero came walking home, holding that poor baby. She was shaking and bleeding and breathing fast . Her little eyes were closed and her mouth was hanging open.

We made a little chicken hospital for her, and kept her separate from the other two. So far she's been able to stand for brief periods, but her wing looks as though it might have been hurt. She was so traumatized, we really didn't want to do too much assessing on her, we thought some peace and quiet might be her best option.

On a side note, it may sound strange, but I love to see how the little hearts of my children react to hard situations. Whether it is someone that they love that has just been diagnosed with cancer, or family members in and out of the hospital, or a hurt baby chicken, their first instinct is to pray, and we pray every time it comes to their minds. I love that they are learning now, that there are times in life when really, the only thing we've got, is prayer. We can't make the cancer go away, or the chicken heal, but we can sit at the feet of the one who made the world, and everything in it, and cry our hearts out. And He hears us. And He loves us. And we know that in all things He works for the good of those who love Him.

The moral of this story is two fold. The chicks are not ready to free range around the yard, and Dude. Do not mess with my husband!

The End

I wrote this post last night, with high hopes that Lemonade would make a full recovery or at least be feeling much better by this morning. This morning, our sweet little chick was dead, so we will be holding a little burial service later this evening.