Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Three good F-words.

 I think there are three F words that make up the majority of our vacations. Family, fun and food. And so far, we are enjoying a heck of a lot of all three.
Thursday evening, the family rocked an all you can eat seafood buffet. I think my dinner consisted of 98% crab legs. I was in crab leg heaven.
Friday morning on the farm.076b

Bryan, Bella, Grady, Jens and Ines’ all met up with one of our family friends for a little fishing trip. My mama, Lilly and I met up with two of my cousins, and my grandma, for a girls lunch and shopping.

And that evening was a fun night of surprises. My cousin works as a waitress at a local pizza place. I made a reservation for 24 people under the name Elvis, and requested her for Friday night. I wanted it to be a big surprise, that her whole family was there. (She says she didn’t know it was us.)
Anyway, we all met up outside and then walked in to surprise her as a group. As she took our orders, our names were at the top of the ticket, which was fun.

My actual birthday was the next day, but since we had some other plans for Saturday night, my mom surprised me with a cake and song from the fam. Good times.

Saturday was the day we all had been waiting for. We had been planning for months for a family wedding reception for Becky & Jens, since none of us were able to be there for the actual day.059b

Bryan, Jens and I had done some setting up in the carriage house the day before and wanted it to be a surprise for Becky. (A carriage house is much like a garage. It’s attached to the house, and it’s where the buggy’s stay when they’re not in use. They also use it as a multi purpose room for different kinds of church or youth gatherings.)

“Sooo, you come here often?”104b

As we continued with our set up for the big event, the kids played outside with their friends.067b066b

Throughout the day, Bryan, Jens and my dad joined in on the fun and playing as well, with soccer, basic playing ball, and going for rides on the scooter. Our friend Daniel took the kids out riding in his pony cart. This was one of the biggest highlights of the trip, and this picture below is BY FAR my favorite picture of all. It was taken by Jens, and I love the action in it.

So, two Saturdays before the Saturday that these were taken, we had a party for Lilly, which ended in a rattlesnake bite and a trip to the hospital. The Saturday after that, we went to a party at Bryan’s parents house, which ended with a 911 call for a lightening strike to the neighbors tree, resulting in 6 foot flames. So needless to say, Bryan and I woke up that day, kind of wondering, in the back of our minds, what this Saturday/party day would hold. We even told Becky & Jens to be ready for it. Minutes after the above picture was taken, Jens kicked the Amish boy in the heel and (probably) broke two of his toes. And while the buggy cart was stopped, Lilly stood up in the back, and when the horse started walking, she toppled off the back and fell right on her head and face… sigh. So poor Jens was limping for the rest of his vacation, with two black and blue toes and a swollen foot, and Lilly had a nice shiner and scabby lip and nose.

Next up, the wedding reception. It was a beautiful night.

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