Monday, September 23, 2013

Stop to smell the flowers.

Just a note, this little space in the blogosphere doubles as our family’s scrapbook, so it might seem a bit narrative at times. I apologize, and hope you find at least a little something of interest while you’re here.

Late Tuesday evening, our special foreign family arrived. My sister Becky, her husband Jens, and his daughter Ines’ from Denmark, all joined us, to complete this little family reunion. My parents are staying on a neighboring Amish farm, in a two bedroom, one bathroom, beautiful suite, and my sister and I, and our families are sharing the farmhouse.

These are a few pictures from their farmhouse suite. There is a really cute little cottage next door, some great apple trees, and a creek on the property.


Early on Wednesday morning, we all woke up (which is hard not to do when the rooster is crowing, and the sun is shining bright in the windows, and the kids can’t wait to get up and go adventuring, and we milked Caramel the cow.


The fog was heavy and thick, visible in streams across the fields.



After milking, there was plenty of time for playing around the house.


We went out to enjoy some of the Amish experience with Becky and Jens, and stopped for a picnic and playtime at the park.


That evening, we got to go watch my cousin’s son Kyle play football. He's #78. (Well, most of us watched, Grady slept through the whole thing.)


And after the game, we went to our friend Cindy’s house to enjoy a holiday meal with her son and his family, my parents, grandfather, and Becky and her family. There was ham, and the most amazing sweet potato casserole, and fruit, the works… And after we were completely stuffed, we sat around talking over coffee and dessert, while the kids played dress up.


Thursday morning, after the milking, the kids sat and did some quiet arts and crafts, followed by a trip to the creek to catch and bring home a bucket of crayfish, family style lunch, and then played outside with our Amish friends.

And now, we’re back to smelling the flowers.
Happy Monday to ya, I hope you have a great week!

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  1. I love all the necklaces and the crawdads, haha!! How fun!! How does this Amish family advertise? What a cool way to vacation... I might want the booking info sometime.... :)