Friday, September 27, 2013

Rebecca & Jens' Wedding Reception

My sister Becky, and her husband Jens (pronounced Yens) were married in May in Denmark, and none of our family could be there to celebrate with them, so we planned a little family reception in Pennsylvania for them.
Before the guest started showing up, we took a few fun pictures of these four cousins.
The weather during our entire stay had been so beautiful. Cool and clear, some days not a cloud in the sky. This was the only evening it rained. And it rained hard. We partied anyway.
This is Steve.
Steve barbequed the most AMAZING chicken and potatoes right there on the farm for us.
The prayer, and a toast.
The party planner, photo by Bella. 
In Denmark they have the same tradition we have about kissing when the glass is tapped. They also have a tradition that when the people stomp on the floor, they have to crawl under the table to kiss. That was fun! (Ines' is down there kissing with them too on this one!)

 It was such a beautiful night. As we were reviewing our vacation with the kids, we all agreed that the party was our favorite part of trip. It was just such an enjoyable time, and we loved spending it with our friends and family.


  1. cuuute : ) glad youre all home well! will ring you very soon. a big hug from us! - B

  2. I <3 the picture of you, Lilly and Becky. I love Lilly's hand on her Aunt's back. SO sweet!