Thursday, September 12, 2013

How to: A Seashell Wind Chime

This past week, we celebrated Lilly's 3rd birthday, with a little luau. For some arts & crafts fun, we made a sea shell wind chime with the kids. Here's a little "how-to"...

Collect or buy your shells. All of the ones I used came from St. Augustine. The ones above already had those pretty little holes in them. If they don't have holes, you'll need to drill them.

Next, you'll need rings to hang your "chimes" from. These macramé rings were three for under $3 from Hobby Lobby. I spray painted mine white, but really, I just like to spray paint stuff.

I wanted sea glass, but couldn't find any, so these beads, also from Hobby Lobby, were the closest looking thing I found.

I chose a few of the shells to spray paint white, and the rest I just sprayed with a clear gloss. Again, yes, just because I like to spray paint stuff. 
Once they were dry, I just strung them up on fishing line, and moved them around the ring until they were balanced. And that's it!

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